Banff & Lake Louise: Summer Guide (2019) 🇨🇦

Summer Tour/Travel Guide!Banff is the iconic alpine town situated in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.Banff, and the Banff National Park, attracts over 4 million visitors each year for its picturesque town center, outdoor activities and majestic natural beauty.At an altitude of just over 4500 feet, Banff is the highest town in Canada with easy access to world renowned ski resorts, luxury accommodation, and five-star restaurants. T HA N K S F O RW A T C H I N G ! ! !Attractions (click on time link to jump):Getting to Banff: 0:43Banff National Park Entry: 1:32Banff Avenue & Downtown: 2:06Cave and Basin: 3:33Bow Falls: 4:13Banff Springs Golf Course: 4:43Banff Springs Hotel: 5:11Banff Upper Hot Springs: 6:59Banff Gondola: 7:32Wildlife: 8:17Johnston Canyon: 8:28Lake Louise: 8:47Moraine Lake: 9:35Icefields Parkway (Peyto Lake/Bow Lake): 10:03Inquiries: travel@imagiscope.comThank you for your support - it means a lot!#Travel #Banff

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