Plum cake mulino bianco - Yogurt plum cake

Ebbene si, sono proprio loro :) penso che non si possa riuscire a imitarli meglio di così! super soffici e gustosi, questi plum cake simili a quelli della nota marca mulino bianco! spero che questa ricettina vi piaccia ^.^ se sì, mettete un bel mi piace e iscrivetevi al canale! Yummi :3Ingredienti:- 250 g di farina autolievitante- 200 g di zucchero- 3 uova- 250 g di yogurt all'albicocca- 100 g di olio vegetale (meglio di semi)- 50 g di margarina- 30 g di latte- aroma di vaniglia- 1 pizzico di sale Preparazione: Sbattete le uova con lo zucchero fino a renderle gonfie e spumose. Unite la margarina fusa e fate incorporare per bene il tutto. Aggiungete ora tutto lo yogurt, sempre continuando a mescolare. Unitevi poi il latte, la vaniglia e il sale. A questo punto potete cominciare, un po' alla volta ad unire la farina. Dopo che questa sarà stata ben assorbita dal composto unite a filo l'olio. Foderate una teglia con gli stampini da plum cake con dei pirottini di carta (se non la avete va bene un comunissimo stampo per plum cake - se vi interessa l'idea potrei fare un video in cui vi mostro come creare dei pirottini di carta forno per plum cake :3)Cuocete i dolcetti a 160°C per circa 30-40 minuti. Fate sempre la prova stecchino prima di sfornare! :-)------------------------------------------------------------------ingredients: - 250 g self raising flour - 200 g of sugar - 3 eggs - 250 g of apricot yogurt - 100 g of vegetable oil (preferably seed) - 50 g of margarine - 30 g of milk - Vanilla flavor - 1 pinch of salt

Evan McKay

Rage monster

Eden James

My story

Jeremy Simpson

Go twins 😆😆😆😎

Striker for Jesus

Dude perfect is awesome!!!!!!

Gjon U

2:23 is the funniest one in my opinion

William Vang vlogs


Anthony Soto

The Ball is a CGI, which stands for Computer Generated Imagery which means that the ball is not realthey put a cgi into a real video... just like Beckham pepsi commercial on the beach


i used to be easter eggs like you but den i took bullet to the knee

Uncle Grandpa

Sled gang!!!!!

a fellow furry

Is it just me or does Sharon look like Ellen DeGeneres

Ethan Liang

“Healthy people still get cancer” ~boyinaband 2018

rpr6.5 creedmoor

That punch had nothing to do with excuses...Respect!

Nicholas Colton

Plus they should put DudePerfect in the NFL


wtf, how on earth do u run intothe portal easter egg, its so random, logic cant explain, i  cant think of anything that will happen and make me do that and run into that easter egg


Who's watching in 2016?

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This is skitt

khushneev kaur bhatia

its heart breaking. I feel very sorry for u


lol last easter eggs it's the best :)

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In the rage monster clip, the tree got it's revenge my taking his hat off lol

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I bet the guy next to Tyler is the panda

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/ \

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Dude Perfect makes so many enemies. All the people that they are taking the World Records from are ready to attack.


Bowling stereotypes


What bow is that? Please answer I am looking for a good bow because I am getting one for Christmas


Loved It When Doing The GTA V Easter Egg He Got Attacked By That Animal!

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Well yeah he corrected him self stupid.

Elize Robinson


Aiden Edwards

Who is watching in 2017

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Germany will win

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Like for purple houser..


DId you acully bottle Filip the bottle ať the end of the video

R5 mark

Tudtok magyarul

Change my mind.

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My girl be like 1:21

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I wonder what the new pokedex design will look like.

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5:53 he forgot his bag again

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Finally lil skies isn't using autotune, his voice is already amazing autotune is unnecessary.

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The cure....

Edwin F. Diaz Mendez

I am not lactoae intolerant, am allergic to milk and anything that has milk (lactose). I get bumps on my skin whenever I scratch. I get really itchy when I consume lactose and thing is, it developed about 6 months ago. For literally my whole life, I drank more than one cup of milk everyday and here I am... avoiding lactose as much as I can. I even made my own special recipe milk with honey (very good) and I can barely drink it! My whole childhood was based on that recipe. My favorite foods are CHEESE pizza and CHOCOLATE brownies with cookie dough. I really dont know the consecuences if you consume excesive lactose and I really dont know how to handle my lactose allergies exept for drinking an anthisamine pill. If you have another solution for the allergies or you are actually allergic to milk and have my same situation, please comment your ways to make your skin chill and get over cow milk. Thank you.

00fer Gang dude

Me: this guy might accidentally create anti-matter or the sun What if they make a "small" dam south of Gibraltar?

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This girl should know that looks doesn't matter

lana smith

My mom had IVF

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Tyler u r such a jerk


cody looks diffrent

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Who else thought that was a default skin from Fortnite on the thumbnail

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Fuckin black people. . .

Ice Beagle Rules

Let’s have high hopes that you will have an amazing recovery!

TGB! Ready?

T Challa would like to know your location.