MAHANT college Raipur

Annual Function 2018


I was surprised by the amount of easter eggs in this game so I had to make a full video on it. I hope you guys like it!

Mark parsons


Big-Daddy Daddy


Wiz alif D


Jessica Shelton

I like kase cahne


The finale explosion feels like I'm in the movie VOLCANO

Ledgendary Pimpyojeez

Ty is a sore loser and winner

Kas Chan

i like that

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Cody: make your mom proud 😅

The Duck Gamer

Another great video!

nicole gonzales

Omg now thats a diffrent kind of lele


Wolfy Wolf

Who do you think is the best dude perfect 🥇

stealla girls

Am I the only one that thinks she should have called the police like why didn’t she when she was dragged back into the car by her real mum like that’s kidnapping

Joe B

I love how proud of her you are. Like you should be. But youre even braggin about her dilation. No but seriously you should thats like fuckin insane i feel horrible becaise ill never understand. I dont think i could put a lady through it

- earthen Dolan

Wyatt Trent

My friend is the rage monster and i am the rage monster

I was pain for a whole week not sleeping and not being able to breathe I took my inhaler all the time which made me shaky as I was having so much drugs into my body. My Aunty was a paradmedic and came over to see the family when she saw me in bed crying she grabbed me put me my mum and my dad in the car called over my Nan yo look after my brother and rushed us to the hospital. My eyes kept watering I had no energy to speak I couldn’t move. A doctor rushed me into a children ward. They connected me to loads of machines. I stopped breathing my heart beat stopped for 3 whole seconds, I practically died for 3 whole seconds

Esploda X

WHO after 150 miljon

Carol Hill

Do more

Noah Levy

Their background music is gay af


0:27 DX

Tim Weidler

I'll be your best friend

Psychopath:Steps back

Dest Edits

out of context, this sounded wrong.

C Vermeule

Can you give me a free skin on Fortnite my name is Rich_Red


What is The song name?

jun B

I know this is fake but can we just not romanticize self harm. “ I did it for attention “

Amelia Juarez

love Paul better than the real dad


How do you leave when you share a child..

Thomyboy gaming

I usualy play as garret

Carley Knowles

Why does ty win every thing like what is the point of having the others there

23. Winston (Solider at the Boston QZ)

Vignesh puri

Garret tho

Celia Stone

Video: blastar-


so fuckin fake

Vinny L.

bro i been waiting for this since i beat the game lol, glad you did it

Taha Limouri


Print EBDubs

Do a airport stereotype!🛩💺✈️🛫🛬

Elizabeth Serrano

I died when the office popped up😭😭

Trevor Helgesen

Panda is tys wife

Hollow Thrills



1:34 jacksepticeye found this EASTER EGG he was like jack:what red plumber and green plumber is this mario and luigi?

irene ramirez

What the crowd did to KD wasn't right like Stephen said he's a human ..... #trash#crowd#Draike 👎.

Will Is the name

In are health class are sub made us watch the bee movie

Reverent Person

u forgot slenderman!!!

Andrea Rapsing

This is perfect


OH My GOD, Flawless edit dude, i don't even realize this at all


So sad for me

A rat

I’m the beginning I feel just how she feels and it makes me want to kill my self and let my body eat itself from the inside out I feel like shit

(Bell rings and James has his coat over his head from awkwardness and he sits in front of me, well beside me now)

kim yeontan

this trailer is beautiful tho