Kalvanin Kathali Tamil Full Movie Sivaji Banumathi | கள்வனின் காதலி

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I was diagnosed in 2008, both of my parents took me to see two different doctors at different surgeries, all four doctors told us I was sick with a common cold, a virus, and other common infections. The type one got worse for about two months. I continued to feel and look morbidly Ill, it took me years to stop wetting myself after being diagnosed, this disease, type one, it’s smart and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and that you’re brave and courageous, remember to check your blood every night before bed. Best wishes.


A real man admits his errors in humility, much respect for Mr. Myers on a worldwide scale and prayers up for KD. If Warriors win this Championship KD should get the MVP again for sacrificing for the team. KD was ballin for not playing in a MONTH! I will never say anything bad about you again! May you have a healthy and patiently recovery 🙏🏼


Saul Trujillo

Next assasins creed assasins turkey

Zero Gun

You should've said that its moments that aren't appropriate for kids...because most of these movies are 18+


because there's a huge difference between a good quarterback and a trick shot thrower. i'm not saying he's bad. this was a sick video. but maybe he's not mobile enough. maybe he's not good under pressure. there's a lot more to a qb than just being accurate at throwing

Shomi MasterZ

I am proud of you

Kevin Malone

Damn anyone found gurus easter egg I got stumped again

A. oh no! that girl is severely hurt! i should help her!

Ninja Bros TV

Why did you need the yellow shovel if you’re the purple hoser

SamanthaPlaysMsp :D

Did Cory say fuck it

Kekoa's adventures

This is fake

Terrier_Toons TM

One time I cried to my dad that I got bullied... Because the boy on the bus wouldn’t let me play with his toy.


Thnks for the spoiler warning! :)

(now let's check if I'm right :])

Logan Walker

Don't judge me but I feel sorry for the panda

Jules TBD

Panda is so cute

Ryan Rowson

Like for team Cody

Katarina Teofanov

I'm from Serbia, and i suport LGBT (I'm not gay, but i suport them)

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I found Dr heart before

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I'm autistic.


Do a VR easter eggs video

dayvid silva

Cadê o beijo na bela adormecida?Hahahhahhahaa

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in a Christmas Story they say "you'll shoot your I out".

Depression, anxiety, etc please talk to someone you trust. 🙂

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Jesus loves you

THE smiles

i want one!

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Hi I watch you guys all day you are my favorite Corycan you guys play dodgeball and can you do the football in the hoop with your eyes closed

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6:47 weirdo detected

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ok but why did he look SO GOOD in that denim jacket LMAO

The Turners

yea i am in 2019

thanks a lot

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I could take half of these shots

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I want a 2nd part

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In one of the dreadful crimes missions, where you investigate the disappearance of a police inspector, you have to cross examine a barber called 'Feeney Sodd' again bearing reference to Sweeney Todd, it actually revolves around a leather merchant who sells human meat



Ty your my favorite dude


The record guy was obviously uncomfortable, never letting him finish so he just stood there awkwardly while mouthing some words and the other guys screaming.

Grinning Goat

At least it's only a Borderline Personality Disorder. I wouldn't want to see a Full-on Personality Disorder.

San1C Blu

College must be the best for them

cory kenshin



Can anyone say cheater?? He gets bored with one woman, he moves on. Ghee.

gamer smuzie

he wasn’t an addict he wanted to commit suicide


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Go Hawks. BOO Forty Whiners


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Hey I’ve seen this one!!....... Wait nvm