म्हारी नखराली भाभी सुन ले तू हमारी बाता#Ladlo Devriyo#राजस्थान का सुपरहिट डीजे सॉन्ग#Veer Production

Free Subscribe :- नखराली भाभी सुन ले तू हमारी बाता || सबसे ज्यादा चलने वाला राजस्थान का सुपरहिट डीजे सॉन्ग || Ladlo Devriyo | Devar Bhabhi Super Hit Song | DJ Song | Rajasthani Song | 2019 | By Veer ProductionDirector/Writer : S.L. Gadhveer (Veer) +90018-47638Producer : Surya Prakash Mishra & VeerCinematography : C.P. Mishra, Nikhil Choudhary, Sunil & Suraj (Mishra Studio)Editor : DS Rajput & VS Rajput (Shyam Production)Singer : Mamta Kachhawa & Nehul DaveMusic : Mukesh Choudhary (Balaji Digital Recoding Studio)Choreographer : Abhi Jain, Shivam Sharma, Kuldeep Singh RathoreStarring : Rocksy Mahisaniya, Deepika Jain, Ram Ratan SharmaLittle Artist : Simran, Siddhi, Doli, Yashvee, Dimple, Roshni, Ridhvee & RajakLocation : Veergarh, Ranibagh, Dada Shahib Ki Haveli DOD (Restaurant & Cafe)Thanks For Watch..Please share & share..

Sridevi Sridevi

I love you guys....

Tim Wright

Song ID, please.

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So cool 😎

Thomas Walker

Hi, I don't know if anyone will read this but I have all symptoms and I'm in my room at 7 am without sleep any for 6 months I feel "shit"

Max Dillon

Who is the panda

Wyatt Jones

how is this possible

Sb Montana

Just bought them tears bacc j stone keep grinding nip we love u

I Do Random Stuff Oof

I have to say one thing just picturing in my mind breaks my heart



Ekrem Emin

Because you have this, doesn't mean your better than others though. And a big mistake was made in this 😂

Budakjahat Budakjahat

I like the Wilhem scream the most

Michael Buchanan

I don't know why people feel a sense of pride in being a part of something since the beginning. But I have. And I'm proud. Keep doing your thing.

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Again They have no chance without KD. ,that's why they picked him up

Zavier Gebrayel

Eifle tower

Dad: Oh helll no.

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Tá mas quando q a bela adormecida aparece?

👇,aquí buena suerte

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That was awesome

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You draw amazing

i am beautiful



Awesome shot, but did he call bank?

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I am a secure type that would prefer another secure type :-D

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what were the hall of developers saying


if you guys are real the , grand canyon


Oh another dragon ball game

Vito Burrito


Abby and Friends

Steve Spangler has been to my school before

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I feel sorry


FunWithGuru's Face...

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Lol you can tell hes a real pothead. Mashed potatoes on a quesadilla never heard of it, but the food you cook always looks delicious

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I have depression and anxiety....

Arceus Knight

I can see the song played for the trailer being the opening theme to anime version of the game where Ash travels to the Galar region.


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Anybody noticed ty after he dunked the ball hit him in his head


Who's watching in 2017?

Deborah McDaniel

Sound uses matter to travel through, but since space is a vacuum you CANNOT hear sound in space.

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Welp, im fat.. But im happy :3

No way. I thought you died.

June 10th, 2019: Helicopter crashes on top of 50 story building (Today)


This is so sad, can we hit 34 likes


Beautiful words in the song. Love forever to Nipsey 😪🏁