Norah Jones Greatest Hits - Norah Jones Full Album 2018

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Brigam Mills


screwz looze

Dam this is the cut like a muthafuka. Slappin dis in my whip wit 2 Dub 6 15's and a 1000 watt phoneix gold amp

Rifat Bashirah

do it in the air

Tea Tang

I support this woman with my whole heart, but adoption is an actual option if you can't conceive naturally.

HopMaH Dos

you can call this "Nerf Call of Duty Blasters Battle" and nobody will say anything


Nice vid, missed out the Dark Souls one in Caustic Caverns and the TMNT one in the Bloodshot Stronghold :)

lynn loud

I didn’t get it until 5: 11 then I got it , I’m crying 😭

Genesis Roussel

Producer: So how much red do you want?

Nate Bergen

This music is from the first video Backyard Edition like if you also think so

Lizzy Glittersalad

I feel bad for her, but it was kinda her fault because she send him pics but at the same time it's not her fault because she trusted that guy. I hope every thing goes out smoothly for this girl 😊❤️👍🏻

silver g gaming of every Friday

PlayStation vs xbox one

Dark Voyager 91259


abeer satyajeet

I think you should go to India and play cricket!!!!!


Não entendo isso achobque não é verdade manooo os cara faz tudo perfeito

Tuanku Abdul RahmANJING Babi


jason Muench

December 2018?

Tibni Valle

U left a redhead....for a raven haired girl😞😞

Imator Kid



Oh yea



Nicko 09

who else is watching in 2017


Ah Yes, my monthly dose of watching this. I love Brazil.

Papa-Telling lies!?(About not touch girls/in wrong spots!?)

Torin Glegg

I think Germany will win the World Cup

Aiswarya Lakshmi

How to cure??? Anyone please help me!!!


That piano Melody 😎💯


Who were those guys in the jerseys and who’s watching in 2019

Ankush Sagane

You guys are amazing Love u from india 👍👍👍

Dwight Pryce

There is way way more Easter eggs homie


And thus begins anew the Squall is dead theories lolololololol

George Campbell

The bad part of it all... he was lagging as well as he walked

Gage Robinson

nice vid man is this game better than number 2 is so i am getting it and is the story any longer


HL3 confirmed

anne haven maddox

it didn't hit the middle


Tioxide Gaming

This turned out to be a spookier video than I expected LOL

Boughentenpath 94



Who's whatching this in 2015


I SO wish you did longer easter egg clips. They're good but then when I start getting really into's over :(

FESC Network

I didnt get #7,#4,or#3


whats the song called at the beginning

Natalka Żółw

I relate to the entire video

Random and Wired

Um. Quickly exits video because I'm confused like flip

Fire -Burst


Dustyn Bond

Skies and Cole are really the only thing I need in life...