Katie Pompa

🤣🤣🤣poor panda 🐼


YOU HAVE A BIRTHDA- just kidding.

payo kraus

ball was already out and he dived and crashed over few people slam a lady make her head shake so bad and he got a little push ….

Lego Starwars Jango Fett TM

John later won a nobel peace prize

Samuel J


Joke Master Blazekid356356

Did anyone notice that when Cody was half way it showed he had “5 miles” to go.

Obsidian Roses

9 meaning?

kj rhodess

You can just see how many times they failed the first shot

Derek Anderson

boooooooooooo Russell wilson

Gabriel Harden

I would like 10k likes please.

Tyler Robatin

Have you ever tried a shot from a helicopter

Sarah McCallum

I read a book about a boy with a similar (or the same) condition and it was really interesting, it's called challenger deep by Neal Shusterman if anyone wants to read it

Kim Lloyd Castro

I swear Elsa really looks like Juddy Hopps in Zootopia.

Doctor: You were almost struck by lightning. Dearie, this is not a civilized society or he women won’t have said that to the girl nor the man bully her


Y'all go do some research on Norse mythology. Particularly the Jötunns.

Dominic Pitts

Whether or not it takes them a million tries to make these shots, they still make them...they're not claiming they make it on the first try every time. Stop trying to dock guys who do some pretty awesome shit haha

Happy new years!


This is such a good song with an even better video. Good job Cole!:)

Alex Bentwood

Now you happy always maybe

Dilly Dit

0:05 Minecraft hit sound


My wife is amazing 😍😍

A.C Clemont

Mark Zuckerberg.

A True Star Darling

why, why would they do that? your brother called you fat when you were skinny. i got it now! your brother wants you to die! call the cops.

Low High

the screen in the middle of the nuketown 2025 map doesnt show up when i shot all the manequin head on xbox and i did it in less than 1 min

Symbiotic _ Apex

Can we get a vid of Ned just dancing to the retro music

kizhan fazel

Her sound so great with pictures

The Great Christmas Heart

im confused about the last one

Cesar De Dios

That is nots real

Matthew Jones


michael anthony hilario

If Starwars episode 7 will open this December. I am sure they are Satellite have not shown any rise in temperature since the 90s..

Bexter ollie

I knew who it was 8 seconds into the video.

jehryn davis

This is the "over the tree" archery basketball arrow shot!

Jonathan Bartels

If you beat T series in subs ill subscribe


this shots are crazy takes them hours for one trick shot


But can it run Minecraft ray tracing w/ shaders at 240 fps, I think not!


Best easter egg series ever!

Blake Mottley

Ty and his dad look the most alike


Guru ! In the horror game Stowaway you can find 4 golden cubes from Minecraft, and a journal talking about them, but the cubes are hidden.

Ahh memories. My Mom: ITS THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!


not that impresive to me, but i go off ramps on rollerblades higher then that and do spins and land on concrete all the time... but nice shot