Oduda Video Song Promo | Vedhamanavan | Judge M Pughazhendi (Rd.) | Soundaryan | Mano | Urvashi

Oduda Video Song Promo from Vedhamanavan Movie on Mango Music Tamil. Vedhamanavan Tamil Movie ft. Mano Jeyanth, Urvashi Joshi in lead roles. Story, Lyrics, Production & Direction by Judge Mr. M Pughazhendi (Rd.) For the first time in the Directorial of a Honourable Retd. Judge. Music by Sindhu Nathi Poo Fame music director Soundaryan. Produced under Chellam & Co Creations.Subscribe to Mango Music Tamil for more updates on Latest Tamil Songs: Details:Song: OdudaSinger - SaicharanLyrics: Judge Mr. M Pughazhendi (Rd.)Music: SoundaryanProgrammed by SasthaGuitars by David Indian Instruments by Ramana Flute by Sathya Sound Engineer - AnilMixed and Mastered by FrancisListen to Oduda Song on,ITunes: Saavn: Music: set Oduda song as Caller Tune,Airtel: Dial 5432116935986Vodafone: Dial 53711238903Idea: Dial 5678911238903BSNL(South / East): SMS BT 11238903 To 56700Click here to watch: Pennaasai Maamangala Video Song: Video Song: Mattum Pothum Video: Full Video Song: Yatra - Oore Urchagamagi Video Song: tuned to Mango Music Tamil channel for all the updates on Tamil Movie. For more Latest Tamil Movie Songs,Subscribe: Like us: Follow us:


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