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Bee Gamer

Cory leave his back once again xd

Evelyn da gymnast!!!

you should do red carpet stereo typeslike someone can be walking in front of someone trying to take a picture multiple times, and then rage monster comes in. and other stuff too

emon aldercyy

Sub indonesia

Lachy Dach7



What is that first mw3 map?

yağmur zeynep

abi video türkçe başlık açıklama var ama hiç türk görmedim ben


What is this?

Danimal 9990

Do you guys still have the worlds largest slingshot

Kev Dean

Respect to the fighters but this just goes to show what a bunch of absolute nit wits the majority of UFC fans are. Beer drinking, tattooed, Truck driving, modern county listing, Trump endorsing, misogynistic, low IQ'ed, shit ducks just like their leader that bald headed twat that runs the show. As Mark Twain so accurately said " If a man possesses both confidence and ignorance success is guaranteed".

Andrew Jay



He left him hangin

Wet Sock

I lost my grandfather too, me and him where like best friends, we used to sit on the couch eat cheetos and watch comfy couch lol, and he’d take me to the store, get me stuff, and then we’d play dress up. But he was also a heavy smoker which led to several things wrong with him, and so he passed Nov 1st 2014, and I was beyond sad I wouldn’t stop crying the whole year. I miss him so much.


I saw your story on snap, I didn’t know how to share my condolences except through the latest video, Im sorry for the loss and stay strong. You have a whole community that loves and supports you!

Amiibo Hunter

I'm a really big fan

Bruce Wayne

I can do that holding you and your beer.

SIR Florentine

I spent 2 months and 3 weeks and spent 1 hour in the incubator, am fine and have perfect health.


Andy grammer

Zach Walters

Get Brett Favre

Connor Kravatz

Why was Bode there? Not like he really did anything.

Zac Attack

the problem in the last round was the shadows which could give them away

Laisha Z

Oh my god I love them. They’re all adorable! I want them to be my friends!


2:54 hilarious


Like the father.. Like the son



-This trailer kinda confirms my theory that the little girl is also a siren so that’s cool

Saoodi33 M

That scary moment when I watched the jump scare

He got dressed again and we went to class agreeing to forget that that happened.

groovy cat

this is a meme game

Ahmed Jz

Fall into the sea from 1000ft

Caca verde

Nicholas heyek

jonlly victor

Dude its really perfect

Sun Is A Star

Love if you read the description,you see your friends at dude perfect, God bless you😊

Wiener Dog

God i love dick

Mikael Haavin

The one from MW3 was actually really sad

DragonZZZ Flame

The Mirror shot was legit awesome



Germany won the World Cup

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJSVV0llM3U&list=PL5PCe4ec0MngGohcCb83kDHgl13ULkW1c)

Premayana TV.


sub to PewDiePie

Wait he's not purple hoser


I'm sorry you have to go through that. I honestly can't relate since most of my friends including me are immagrints and nobody in my school bullies me or my friends. (Sorry if it seems like I'm bragging, I'm just saying my opinion)

I’m sinful Indeed


🔵 🔴


Dis boi needs a nice kick in the buttsack and the ballcrack.

Farhah Rahwani Rahman

lol tf he’s 18???

Gigi Wolf

I was 3 my dad was gone my grandpa was watching us my dad and mom came home a few hours later he ran to his room crying my mom had cancer a type u can’t get better from I was sad I cried so much I i wanted to die my dad had to explain before what it was my mom cried too she was going to die and 2 years later she did it has been 5 years since she died but I still cry when someone brings it up but on April 27 that will be the 5th angle vursary I’m sad

Salty Scyther

Guys guys.. the map wake island is an easter egg xD

William Wieneke

Did Cody actually where a LeBron, a Dirk, and a Curry jersey in the same video? What the heck

Fuke Gewgelplus

its funny i thought it was fake based on the thumbnail... i was like photoshoped then i was like? WAIT A MINUTe!

Saim Ali


Zach Attack Studios

This was a hilarious video, but I think you forgot one: The "Talks to his ball" guy. Go! Sit! Bite! Bite!!! Draw! Cut! Run! DOWN! Get up!!