Parasakthi Tamil Movie Songs | Oh Rasikkum Seemane Video Song | Sivaji Ganesan | Pandari Bai

Parasakthi Tamil Movie, Oh Rasikkum Seeman Video Song, featuring Sivaji Ganesan and Pandari Bai in lead roles.Parasakthi is Sivaji Ganesan's debut movie.Watch Parasakthi Full Movie Online on Date : 17 October 1952Star Cast : Sivaji Ganesan, Pandari Bai, S S Rajendran, S V Sahasranamam, V K Ramasamy Director : R Krishnan, S PanjuProducers : P A Perumal Mudaliar, A V MeiyappanMusic : R SudarsanamCinematography : S Maruti RaoEditor : S PanjuGenre : Social MelodramaClick Here to Watch :Parasakthi Tamil Movie Naal Tamil MovieRangadurai Tamil Movie Tamil Moviemore updates :Subscribe - - - Purchase - - -

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FINALLY a new video! Keep up the good work!

Sophia Marotta

Why did I think that this was gonna be a song about TMJ lmao

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I stayed up all night because of a horror movie. I'm so glad I was able to stay up till 5 to find this trailer.😍😍😍

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If anyone wants to know the song, it's Darude - Sandstorm

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