Parliamentary vs. Presidential Democracy Explained

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Ducky3 Mineplays

There LIYING they said minute videos and this is not a minute DO THEY MEAN MINUTES!!!

I had a big heart attack...

General Rock

I think they've run out of ideas

Aditya Samdadia


you shine You’re a monster

Daniel Morales


Michelle Teh

It's been over two years. When can I expect more episodes? They're really entertaining and easy ti understand.

Yuvraj Pondkule

I think that they were really paying attention to physics chass very seriously

Elephant Yang

Poor Bijuu Mike

SlimeSisters 89

OH NO FORTNIGHT (I knew he would play fortnight)


Look it’s a crap black mirror!


macy jade



Where was this?

Gacha Turtleplayz

Science teacher : ok class when you see the magnesium ribbon start to heat up look away or you will be blind Me = Ummm. Ok then

Victor Von Deathstroke

Why didn't they stop at that toy story 3? It was the perfect end!I know this has nothing to do with the trailer but I'm still hurt by it.

Michelle Oden

Aww Marble!!! He's so cute!! Happy Birthday!!


*orgasm* *more orgasm* *lot more orgasm* DOUBLE RAINBOOWWWWW * moar orgasm*


0:00 TO 0:20 epic 2 shotter

lala Polo


I lOvE MiLkTaEe

This is so me but in sixth Grade....

E to The A

0:57 but on the other, other, other, other, other hand

Sergio Antonio Rivas

They should have made more death note references


Straight 🔥🔥🔥

michael lovell

3:00 isn't an easter egg, nor a bug, it's a merchant chest, there more merchant chests in skyrim, they are the invantories of the merchants for them. Ther are some in windhelm, whiterun and as demonstrated here there is one in dawnstar

Derpy Plays

Ya know the world is so not sympathetic nor have empathy toward people with big or minor disability. Need I go on?


favorite shot: the Clown Busta

me: Polar bear?


3:17 "... why this IS in the game."



outstanding job

Sports,hunting,fishing . Jake epps


Georgian Gunner

Pour coby

Knight Axebram


True story

Goutam Rohit

Wow dp pleaseovertime video cool super cool

Nicolas Rodrigues

@MrVeryphunny LIES

Nebby and The cosmog revolution

I would've pulled the glock on him