Parthiban Kanavu Video Song | Vazhi Maele Video Song | Gemini Ganesan | Vyjayanthimala

Vazhi Maele Video Song from Parthiban Kanavu Tamil Movie exclusively on Mango Music Tamil. Parthiban Kanavu ft. Vyjayanthimala, Gemini Ganesan and SV Ranga Rao. Music composed by Vedha, Directed by D Yoganand, Produced by V Govindarajan under the banner Jubilee Films. For more tamil hit songs of Vedha, subscribe to Mango Music Tamil - Details:Song: Vazhi MaeleSingers: ML VasanthakumariMusic: VedhaDirector: D YoganandParthiban Kanavu Tamil Movie also stars Ragini, SV Subbiah, Kumari Kamala, TS Balaiah, PS Veerappa and SA Ashokan among others.Click here to watch:Best of Item Songs - Love Hits Vol 1 - Sad Songs - Love Songs - Movie Songs - more Tamil Movie Songs : Subscribe : Like us : us :

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