PhilCollinss, EltonJohnn, EricClaptonn - Best Rock Songs Ever

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Deanz Beber

Doesn't matter if KD is rusty or not. Just him being on the court makes it a different game. They can't focus too much on steph now. I'm rooting for raptors but this is bad news

Yu Narukami

Wrong. They did it because they wanted to be different than GTA and take a whole different direction in the open world genre. It has nothing to do with ''realizing that Rockstar would always have the upperhand''. They just wanted to be different.

Piret Iris

This boy has an AUTISM

angry teapod

remember to be


Halloween 2017 anyone?

Ashely Page

I’ve cut red meat out of my diet and personality I feel much better!

Anisur Rahman

So.....How about gaining some weight ?

Alpha Theft Auto

So who created Nike’s?

Bharat Purohit

TY is the best

Whole New World

That scene in Edward scissorhands always makes me soooo sleepy 😌 💖


I loved the Easter eggs in the video!

No Name

There was another Easter egg in a scene where Miles parents were lecturing him inside of his room, and on the wall at the side of his doorway there is a Deadpool reference.

Amanda Dunham

hey PavelBarber. i love your vids

Ocean warrior

Im an atlethe and I realy know it is when you dont satisfy yourself with good results

Ella Thompson

“He announced to everyone,’Everyone I have an announcement.’” 🙄🙄🤔

Keith. C

Its not a pterodactyl its a pteranodon

Roger Medrano

Came here to see Belmonte bowling one handed for the first time


Hahah no. 7 is amazing

Anna Straford

Tennis SterotypesThe winner shot guyThe ScreamerThe Old Guy

Viet Hung Vu

I think it is gonna be great.



Miracle Dennis

That's unfortunate!!!!!!!

Silver Lead

He Became The Flash

JimmehSpud Gaming

You can play snake using the loading circle thing on the video by starting to use the arrow keys while it appears


This is the first video I watched 4 years ago


U need bigger pockets...

Anderson castillo

Bad bunny ♡


@heyheyitsjames They are saying this because they already uploaded this video and thee ball disapeered at 1:09 in mid air because they obviously edited the ball in. Therefore being fake. (Because suddenly they re-uploaded the EXACT same video but.. somehow the ball doesnt cut out in mid air anymore, editing.

Livvy Luna

wotsovideosSupercarlinbrothersSeamus GormanMatPat Have entered the chat



I remember when Dragon Ball Z Sagas came out years ago.... Yeah...


That is what im talking about

A Freaking Axe

Nice X suit on dead rising though.


1k likes John gets his balls cut off. That’s a nice mom, my mom doesn’t give a literal fuck.


Nice L4D2 skins

FC Squad Emeka

Wow tech has really advanced

(I don't, I don't)

Jarmo Verriet

You forgot to mention that the BF4 knife is a reference to the TF2 Spycicle knife.