Pistachio Chocolate Yogurt Mousse Cake Recipe

Pistachio Chocolate Yogurt Mousse Cake recipe. A special soft and crunchy pistachio sponge cake with chocolate yogurt cream. Simple and delicious dessert idea.Exclusive Content:Pistachio sponge cake:145 g egg whites60 g egg yolks90 g sugar 20 g flour80 g pistachio, choppedgreen food coloring (optional)Chocolate yogurt mousse: 400 g greek yogurt250 ml sweetened whipping cream100 g dark chocolate 65%, chopped30 g powdered sugar8 g gelatin30 ml water1 tsp. vanilla powder (or 2 tsp. vanilla extract)Decoration:50 g white chocolate10 g sweetened whipping creamgreen food coloringCake pan sizes: bake: 24 cm assemble: 22 cm#FamilyFriendlyCooking:Website: - Joakim Karud Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) - Chris Morrow

NoCap 757

Steph threw at the media and first take undisputed espn get up first things firest always talking cash shit about kd shit is sad trying to make him leave

Ринат Валиев

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Why do we not say she banged him?

Jason Knight

New Englander here.... What's a bike taxi? You mean like a rickshaw? Are those a thing?

Ava Zehner

Honestly Kylie with stormi melts my heart tbh😌

Staten Island isn’t small



I know open world Pokemon is what we all wanted, but damn does that world look empty and boring. needs more forest/detail. and why do switch games still look like their years behind other current games in terms of graphics?


When you watch it back and realize that they totally didn’t do it first try


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Kishu N Achar

Y didn't you used rc helicopter

Lucas Paula

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Mynam3 15jeff

4:34 poor fish :(

Summer Griffiths

Call the shot over the top dunk


can it com in ipod touch?

Johann Host


gina gonzalez

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That last scene cutting the hair from his view is amazing :o wish it was longer haha.

Hasan Malik

UFO easter egg is the best in my opinion


I went to see this movie with 0 expectation and alot of horror lmao since the original one is the cause of my clown fobia but it was amazing the acting and the whole vibe of the movie made it really stand out



Gunna fuckin spazed on this

Greninja Playz

I counted 26

andrea micucci

Btw max....he didnt shut him down, KD was on pace for 40

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where u can see the lipstick paper from the short film you can also see a lost dog poster for Bolt

Taeyun Kim

I always wanted to know how much it costs to repair what the rage monster destroys...



Caroline Whitehead

............................................ 😢


Living On A Prayer is Bon Jovi not Journey. Not mad. Just sayin'.

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How much were the boats

Sweaty Palms

Loved the video, the songs, and especially that hr made a playlist of all the songs, love this channel so much