PM Modi Visits Lord Venkateswara Temple In Tirumala


Number 2 is why I never play call of duty black ops 2 zombies anymore

Blake Neilson

Rest In Peace old guy so sorry Cory and cody

Lauren Simpson

I never cry at 'try not to cry challenges'



ThatOne Guy

WTF now i want to be a bully,who doesnt want to be a cool big troll,living in a cave in the wilderness,hunting or i can submit myself to science and be the worlds first troll ill be famous,popular,rich and cool.

Hello Hey

“it’s not my fault you love me”

Sasana 1919

What about YouTube next? ♥️

Manu Chapa

What if in the beggining they ran over cory....CORY TRICK SHOTS!

Reese Gunderson

Not nearly as hot as the video of her practice shooting for John wick

Task Force GH0ST

Awesome !!!


Find the pretty face:

carlos west

hold on so all that work just to blow up the earth and be stuck on the moon with 4 guy forever??? TRAGIC!!!!!

Amber Groenendijk

Girl to her sister: I love you but I have no choice but I always take care of you...

Ciaran Snyder

He will

Kawthar Nasser

If it’s backwards edition you have to talk backwards

Sal Saladino

Hockey battle

Gabriel Symonds

Huck a basketball on a drone and make it into a hoop!!!!?


Flight Club prices are obscene.

Also, you were invisible because you didn't have an outgoing personality

Flame Nation

The intro made me die


I wonder if THESEguys ever get burnt out from all the coke n roids.

Him : I mix the pink with the silver in the mini pallete (who cares anyway)

Super Buggy



The canonical Ditto are cloned from Mew, same as Mewtwo.....the Super-Ditto was cloned from Mewtwo, not Mew.

Jfnrjdnfnrndj Hdndnrhrnfhfjrudj

Just started watching and I can remember the saving private Ryan more from cod waw

Bruno Poliseli

Loved the ending

Master strange

Fucking illuminate movie can't wait to see all the fucking illuminate shit there going to put.


No Darkest Dungeon mention. Sad!

Harley Perez

Just wanted to correct the fact that spanish people do NOT have middle names, rather they have more then one last name. But thanks so much for this video keep up the good work!


Rip 😫😫 omg

Richard Kang

2009 -> 2018


coby will win


Wait she had younger sisters that are still with her parents


Great video must take you ages to find these aha

Kulwinder Rathore

It's awesome bro

Ryan Moltenbrey

Who else saw were the spoon landed

Senpie Gold

woah, that was deep OoO

Eric Acosta

Don't feel bad about yourself you shouldn't call yourself ugly.

Think Like A Car

am i the only one who thinks bf3 looks better then bf4 just a bit?

Dominique Falcone-Dornan

garret is the best

Ermyas Melku

i hope next year seahawks win super bowl 53if they do i am going to be surprised and reallllllllllllllllllllly happy

Hershey The Hershey Kiss

Poor Girl