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Now a days people says they got depressed or they have anxiety is like a passion. But that is not the disease what we called depression and anxiety. It's a very brutal mental disorder which hurts than anything. Normal people cannot even imagine the reality of that symptoms and the person who have this even cannot explain to others which have no idea what's happening inside of him. 6 years back I got a panic attack since last 6 years I'm suffering from this. Heavily breathing problem, unable to eat food because of unconditional breath, night gets more problems than day. Cannot go to sleep at night because mind gets stuck and go blank which causes panic. Pressure increasing, body and mind gets freeze, unreasonable fear and shivering, losing body sensor feeling, unable to go through any feeling Evey time have to maintain a artificial smile on face, depression, anxiety, loneliness, by facing all these problems I'm acting like I'm a normal with others and trying to do my work with them without complaining anyone because I have consulted so many psychatric doctors during these periods and had so many high dose medicines also having some but still I realised there is no use of these all. Medicine helps me only to get sleep at night but rarely. With all these still I'm surviving to live happily.

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