Political heat in Serilingampally Constituency | TDP Vs Congress Vs BJP

Political heat in Serilingampally Constituency as it is a pool of Andhra Settlers TRS, TDP and, Congress candidates are serious about this seat. Mahakutami final decision over this issue is yet to come.For more latest political and breaking news subscribe @ABN is a 24/7 Telugu news television channel run by Amoda Broadcasting Network dedicated to latest political news, live reports, exclusive interviews, breaking news, sports, weather updates, entertainment, business and current affairs.Follow us @

Kendall Lawrence

I thought Ty and Cory won? They got 3 first. I think that’s Cory.

Noah Talbert


Edit: Please?


that would be a hard shot if they were playing H.O.R.S.E


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Baron Thundercunt

Mrs honey in Matilda literally awoke my sexuality. God damn she's fine. I had completely forgotten.


A dude perfect ad came on at the beginning for me



Louis CE

Isn't MMA fun when its about the sport and not a screaming fucking leprachaun dressed like The Rock

Joe Schmoe

the crowd should be ashamed of themselves, these are two warriors that are both class acts


Like your vids alot, iam an old school gamer and its fun to watch easter eggs i never found/saw Great job and keep the vids coming :)

ur1c3 hu3

10:10 "both realize"? Bitch please.

Marc Correale

Sakura Vodk

Oh shoo ! Maybe i'm a psychopath😭😭I

Sara Friddle

im sorry guys I don't know how you do it I see that first bolt of lightning or hear thunder im out of there

Benjamin Zhao

Your folks look like fools to me. Heavenly bound. Fools go to Heaven, tricky not.

GachaKYT 96

Is this brent rivea lol

#paul_wolfblood ocdawgsxb

What missing is a foolball

odd ddo

Why did I get this notification 5 hours ago?

Prashobh K P

@pguousv yeah you go that right ALSO! this game is tight been playing all day => y.ahoo.it\MCDDI

If you just feel sad because you didnt get a phone or something, dont say your depressed or have BPD,unless you have a good reason like wanting to talk with someone. Im talking bout people who just want it for entertainment.

Dylan Rutherford

This made me cry because my brother’s name was Alex and he died in 2015.


@iZedTV I agree, well said



nathan nowak


Exodus Map Editors

Oh and cute

Alexander Voss

At 5:10, when they do the behind the back strike, Broadie doesn't technically do the shot because it took him 2 tries to make it so it isn't a strike. He also didn't throw it behind his back for the second try.

my profile picture is complete darkness

and the pixaxe is still on the rock


So you’re okay with protecting a city with a wall from nature but protecting a nation with a wall is not okay?

Max Samado

1:44 😂😂😂


Watched 12 seconds of this video, then YouTube crashed...

Kitty Cat

nice pistol


Shark on shark on

Brandon V.

Fucking love your videos man!

Kawaii AppleProductions

al m3allem bouskri tayeb li khoubsi bekri bach n3achi wlidati wlidati 3and l kadi wlkadi masak khbar ou martou wldat hmar sematou abd ljabar


Team Ty all the way

Fortnite god 1234321

I would beat you


Precursor Orb, Holy shit :D Thats awesome as hell XD

Metaman Gaming

For the first one, it's called boosters tower, not bowsers


On the first one the fletching or feather what ever u want to call it he held it wrong

Mad Heffalump

I think that "Don't be a hacky-sack" is my new motto! Thanks Ty!

Btw hey Tom

Imagine what we'll know tomorrow.


I didn’t know keemstar was a Easter egg at 2:29

Majd Esmar


Turtle XD

Omg you survided being in a whasing machine!