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Emily Mendez

I almost cried

Ema Šavli

Are you from Thailand? That is my favourite country ♥️♥️🇹🇭


Him: I’m the richest man in the WORLD

Brel Pardo

they tried doing it for1 and a half hour :D

Gronckleshark Epic

That ditto was getting the faces wrong , the wrong details that it got cause of memory transformation

thief 4

john wick here punisher in ghost recon next Jason statham !


I've been trying to get away from gaming, because that is mostly what I do, so this video is helpful.

[Chorus: Drake, Chris Brown & Both]

May Punk

Otis nooo!! 😢😭

Kai Monckton

Bioshock infinite at start


Did she actually pee in the toilet? Or did she just came there, sat down and watch cat videos?

Bryan Michael

Why do you care about a number on a scale.. when the mirror tells all? Tell my mom this all the time Eat well, workout and change will come!


Hi Guru, How are you ?

Tai le

Go Russell Wilson.


Tyler's birthday is a day before mine

brandon higgins

Did anyone else think that was bill Nye at the end? :)


I'm the "makes some shots, some 3s, no handling skills what so ever" guy


Don't worry you're not alone

Oh Hai There


prince bulli


Dong-Kyo Seo

I’m 2019

Matthew Martin

Good talk


0:25 What is that reference to?


Travis Pastrana YESSSSSS!!!

Frank Aboona

Do some of the previous GTA and Assassins Creed and do Oblivion, i know they all have easter eggs


The only problem with this video You: "Try to find a job you love"

plzsubscribe i need copics Rodarte

4:35 panda face reveal

Mitchell Wilson

Frozen 3 nukes frozen 4 apocalypse frozen 5 happiness

sad 23


Phantasm Tunes

Lol how did you get back here?!??? best easter egg ever!!!

Mama but I want to go to school

Bennett Herrmann

I am a Minnesota Vikings Fan, and my friend,My brother, and my and my dad are big fans of your videos.

Themad mijan

Were is extreme marsman edition ?

Tyler Denni


egg city

If only the music in the background wasn't playing at the beginning lol

Milkshake Games

My great great great great great grandma was struck by lightning 3 time

Brian Cai

when you see tyler flossing (unsubs) 3:164

Ilovelila flowers

I also had my baby while studying at university:) that was not the end of my life and I continued to study :) I took my little boy to classes and seminars 👌 everything is possible

Nimish Tolani

rage monseter