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VenomTactics _

I love your voice its so relaxed and at ease wish I could hear it more often


I hate it when I'm the 4999'th like

malak amr

0:26 the three are so beautiful and I don't see who is better than who tbh


i’m saying 13 bounces

William Cliett

Joe Flacco


What about those couples where it's only a one-sided relationship? Where only one of the two acknowledges the relationship while the other doesn't even know it exist?

badut bakekok

wow, a first battlefield game that i think is cool

Max Liberatos

You guys are so nice and great with kids

Kenji Nguyen

This was on my birthday


The binding of isaac easter eggs! If theres some.


Awe just saw call me by your name because of this and I’m so fucking bummed about the ending

I am so sick of Youtubers who are monetizing ASMR and getting it completely wrong - it's not about whispering in to a microphone and trying to sound sexy! They all sound completely unnatural and it is incredibly jarring. I love crisp sounds that still are still audio-balanced enough not to alarm me in any way.

David Ferguson

I got cars before them

Gaurish Arora


Jamie Kent

I am watching in 2017

Maria Shamim


wasted oof

what happened to cody is the definition of karma

Gianna Ciottariello

I would of just punched him and told him to fuck himself !!!!!

Chris Williams

White escalator rafting shot was my favorite


Right when i was about to click to the next video and i see L O S S

Richelle Mackenzie

You guys are almost at 10 mil!!

Giannos 77


Yagızbey Yagızwt

Türkler sa


How does she just give up on having a phone, even though she has wanted one so badly? I would've just deleted the apps, and watch YouTube instead! 😂?

The Nerd Network

Daniel sturridge

Emily Lee


and she's only 11

I wish that you never get any true friend.

kali florida

R.I.P nipsey much love and respect

Joe B

I love how proud of her you are. Like you should be. But youre even braggin about her dilation. No but seriously you should thats like fuckin insane i feel horrible becaise ill never understand. I dont think i could put a lady through it


who likes coby

OCD, tryna push my buttons

Peacock babies nursery 01

That’s truly inspirational! I’m autistic too btw ❤️


when he kills Jason, concentrate on jason's eyes they MOVE!!!


I want dlc for this game now c'mon naughtydog release some already!

Maksim kosovets

Muzik the video

Scott Gossen

Giant baseball trick shots

Erik Marroquin

I've done the Mr roots one

Mallory Funkhouser

They are good at everything....But soccer

I was in class doing a presentation and I didn’t know a word and I just froze and stared shanking until a group member came in and read it for me I felt as if it was getting hotter in the room (even though it was pretty cold) and I couldn’t breath well after that I almost cried it was just horrible

ALmonther 22

عرض سيئ جداً

Every 9 year old ever: the hec you say to me you little hec


I wish I could like a million times.

demonic and dead inside

What's it called?


how old is cody in this vid

Sara Lenz

I love Arron Rogers


There is a queen industries on the side of a building (this is the company owned by Oliver Queen- Green Arrow).

Julia Mendes

OMG i was NOT expecting that!!😱

Draws a Brunette

Chuck Easter

Yall never get embarrassed when people see you

Midnight_idiot 0826

.....I feel bad for you. I'm from south korea. Hello from the other sideeee~