Power Yoga: Ubuntu (30-min preview)

This power yoga video is a 30-min preview.Stream & download the full 75-min video & checkout Mark's other power yoga workouts here: by: Mark GonzalesPremium 75-minute Power Yoga session (All Levels, please no absolute beginners)*HD available*Mobile-device compatibleUbuntu is the second, follow-up video of Mark Gonzales' athletic yoga-based workouts.This full length total body workout focuses on combining dynamic breath with a series of strong, flowing and static movements. Requirements & Restrictions:All levels are welcome, although absolute beginners are encouraged to seek the personal guidance of a certified yoga instructor for safety and precautions first before proceeding.It is recommended that you have can safely complete the first video, Onese1f, before progressing to the video, Ubuntu. * Not recommended for those with chronic ailments* Not recommended if you are pregnantTo get the most out of the video provided, here are some guidelines:- Make sure you are uninterrupted for the whole duration of the video (75-min)- Whether you are inside or outside, a temperature between 72-80 is ideal- Natural dim light is best (try it during sunrise or sundown)- Modify & progress any of the poses, each practice can be different, everytime- Before starting, have a towel, water and any props you use handyFew of the many benefits:- Perfect compliment to weight training- A great way to improve concentration and focus- Guaranteed sweat to purify skin of toxins- Increase in daily performance - Stress management **All tracks are legally used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license with permission to copy, distribute and make commercial use of the work

Radu Cristian Udrea

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Mcjunkin Family

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orbulescu sebastian

umm... what did I just saw at 17:04 ? it's funny af

i had a lot of pain in my head, i bite my tongue so many times.



Scott Rogers

Wish it was remade not remastered. Still my favorite though


I was excepting the video to be the same as before but man, I enjoyed it. So good, bro. Ending is sad though. 😥😥😥😥

Yogurt 213

this is the best series


I know this sounds weird, but how old are you? Also are you a fan of jacksepticeye? Why did you show him so much?

Daytona Castaneda

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Random videos And tricks shots

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Polish Flyer


Diana Nichols

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Arianna Greiner

May is my birthday month too!! My birthdays may 6th

Terrell Edwards

im a say it again this is fun with guru!!! xD

Floyd Ra1k1v1

The intro was amazing, but I was like 'why is there a lot of preparation just for that big ball to go in the basket?

Eyehole Man

Dark crystal is a video game now

Ismael Rosales

Lol the evil within one😂😂🤣