PRABHU RAMACHANDR... HANUMAN STUTI... T.S.RADHAKRISHNAJI (T.S.Radhakrishnan), Sastha Preethi, Abu Dhabi

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This happened to me, except, I am underweight and 14 years old. My period wouldn't stop and it lasted for a whole year. I didn't tell my mom because I didn't want to worry her. She started to notice that there was no colour in my face and that I couldn't walk properly because of my fatigue. At school, I bled through so many times that I had become used to it. Finally, I told my mom what was happening and she made a doctor's appointment. Normally, I have a female doctor, but she took a day off so instead, I had to see a male doctor. It was so awkward but he was so nice. It turns out that I also had extremely low iron levels and he gave me iron pills and birth control pills to help. I told my closest friend what was happening but she didn't understand. She told the boys at school about the contraception pills I was taking. They all came up to me asking for sex. They made me out to be some sort of slut. But I'm not. I'm only 14. I stopped taking the pills so that the boys would stop harassing me. But they still don't believe me. I don't know what to do.


Please, let this be known that I'm the type of person who never cries. Literally, never cries. But the second I learned of their finacial problems, I burst into tears. It's so painful to watch this but so amazing to hear these inspiring stories <3

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0:25 who is the guy on the left?Is it secretly Panda?

Madi vs Allie Challenges

I knew it was checkers

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Narrator: My parents are in an open relationship and it upsets me

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Kody looks the most like his pops

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IM DEAD INSIDE I hid 3 easter eggs in this. 1 is Easy to find, 1 is Medium and the other is Hard. I'd be very impressed if you find the Hard one. Anyway, I decided to go all out on this one, I don't think I've had so many easter eggs in a single video for a long time. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for watching!




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And Fallout serious.


Cool video! Even better soundtrack. Parabelle!

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i want a dog for my depression but my dad doesnt let me have one so i have to deal with being staying in my room alone I was diagnosed with bpd last year and it felt so much worse to hear that than to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety because I at least knew what those were but bpd was a whole new thing but knowing I’m not alone through this video and the comments helps a lot

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I got to know the song on the last Easter egg



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My biggest pet peeve as a Red vs. Blue fan is when people spell Grif's name with two Fs. I can understand it can be a common mistake, but dear god, it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall.

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I actually found all these pretty cool not creepy I understand the meaning behind them though.

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There was a sixth dinosaur that was hidden in a rock so it would hard to find. Just Saying.

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Some days the disorder proves me wrong. Some days are wonderful, I’m living a new adventure everyday. I can live through it. I’ll survive.

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Ronald McDonald won... Wendy’s verse was shit

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These kids are so cute. God bless them all

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mi best parts are the HBD parts!


I was supposed to be born in the middle of August my Bday is June 30th. not nearly as early as that little girl but still. glad she's alive and healthy

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Dude perfect does a lot of videos with people named paul, like Paul Rabil, Chris Paul, Paul Rudd

cancer can happen to anyone and everyone there are infants and 90 year olds with cancer