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Tenchukunte Tegipotunda Video Song from Preyasi Raave movie on Suresh Productions. Preyasi Raave Telugu movie features Srikanth and Raasi in lead roles. Directed by Chandra Mahesh. Music by MM Srilekha. Produced by Ramanaidu. #PreyasiRaave #SureshProductions #Srikanth #Raasi #MMSrilekha #Ramanaidu #SanghaviSuresh Productions (Telugu: సురేష్ ప్రొడక్షన్స్) is a film production company, a subsidiary of Rama Naidu Studios, founded by Dr. D. Ramanaidu. The production house of the company is Ramanaidu Studios which is located in Hyderabad. Suresh Productions is one of India’s largest film production companies with over 50 years of contribution to national and regional cinema.Click here to watch : Neekoosam Neekosam Video Song :Tenchukunte Tegipotunda Video Song :Raave Telugu movie Comedy Scenes:more updates about Suresh Productions movies and latest updates stay tuned to this official channel.Subscribe: more updates about Suresh Productions movies stay tuned to this official channel.Subscribe:

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