Public Tv 5th Anniversary Public Hero Special Program HR Ranganath Emotional Speech

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PLEASE will people stop confusing the DEVS and PUBLSIHERS machine games created the game Bethesda published it

Yuhui Laho

it sounds like you have wonderful parents

Abeer Mitchell

7:39 Simon is shook😂😂😂😂😂


I cried the whole way through this video. that's all I need to say


You didn't fail high school because of your disorder, you failed it because you used it as an excuse. If you have any type of disorder you can allow it to make or break you. I know several people who have severe mental or physical disorders and having great grades. You choose to let your disorder weight you down and use it as an excuse. Everyone has something wrong with them and what you do with it is up to you.

Sofia Paola Zarran

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Who else thought it was fake at first

Keith Fletcher

Pete Davidson is obviously against this

Laje Benjamin

He ungrateful asf

Ninja Masters


Scott Gederman

Boston Red Sox for the win boyz

Kishan meitei

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Alexandra Avila-Gaeta

For the third round just buy a car or house



Krepper Krop

Shut Up and take my money.

Zillah Wreghitt-Jones

They practice for days months and years

faisal usmani

Hi dude i seen many videos but u Guys Owsom....☺👍👌

Abigail Knapp

The java chip frappe is my shit 😂😝

C T Films

5:27 hits window

Matt Cipolla

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