Puerto Princesa Underground River - Philippines (2019 )

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That Outlaws one though .-.

Juan Tayaki

no shit

I suck feet, but

"Dirty hoe


Was anyone else expecting a Guru Game Review?

Amelia B

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Susie dantdm can you go to seward Nebraska Criss

Rage monster

Dylan Rosemy

How are your addicted buddy I literally get mad the hop off

LikLik Lava

Almost every stereotype has “the rage monster”

Timo Noorman

for JJ is this more painful than his fights

jimi mate

Easter eggception

alex playzzs

cody got #rejected by Typing at high five

R-s Louna



that shit only has like 1


Pretty funny

please sub :(


the music at 10:06 its on Battlefield 1 !!

Zach Vander Ploeg

Want a good laugh?! Check out Cat Fart Stanky Leg!

Batty Ghøst

It wasnt even her fault at all.. you were so very young and didnt know what to do at all.. its a very sad story.. that you honestly cant help but have ur heart drop to your stomach hearing the sadness story. :(

Victoria Giovannini

My body makes to much incline

Three angel girls

this is probebly my fave battle because the twins won

Avin Gantir

Thanks for this video..

Joel Holloway

The last one i watched in 5th grade and the whole class was laughing cause they knew what it meant


Garr got 2/5

Agiz Lazaro

5:27 how many balls wastes here?