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Third Nugget

Dear God my clone how are you?

Sexolog Online

nj bp 2019😂👏👏🎉

Maria Elbita Ordonez Cabrera

Fate schifo fachiumen

Corey Read

This pe teacher is a c*nt


im a person

It's called adopt a baby

Tae-hyungs fifth wife

You guys should donate the unwanted items that you got out of spite, especially the toys, to an orphanage or children's hospital

Johnny Dickshot

Let it go?

Jen Lisa

Where is Garrett?

kikyota channel

I got 1000 score

Lonzo Ball

Laggarette blount

Epidural was the best thing ever!!!!!


Jesus the music, i don't think I've come across a ff game without an amazing soundtrack, can we get a release date, the amount of quality jrpgs between now & ff7r is getting daft now-there simply isn't enough time

Terri Waldron

Roses are red violets are blue invisible ninjas are cutting onions in my room

k unanimous

That flying sausage move was coolio. Plus that romantic walk by the alleys with a finish-her was pretty dope too 😅

Keep the very good work up man. :)


They did forget one past crash bandicoot

Skullcrushin' Destruction

Don't worry I live in Wisconsin

Sunny Dayzzz

I've never really seen TY without a hat

DiamondsR 4ever

I have had 28 jobs in 20 yrs cuz of this disorder. I have no retirement no savings.. I split all the time and am excessive spender.

Ali Ibrahim


Aesthetic #


Eda Rahayu Bakar

You should try to play basketball with a shotgun or musket

My brothers and I have only done homeschooling, so I don't know for sure what public schools are actually like. But I do know that the public school system is flawed.

Warren Lad

same, i just dont get it

Razsha Rosales

2020 anyone 😗Me neither 😂



Have you ever thought of doing commentary over your videos? And who exactly is Tannis

LovinqTo Gacha

People from Russia are really pretty

JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !

Deadpool daredevil Dr Otto are in the mcu :D


Saladin vs Aladdin

Jameson Schofield

Tower One :-)


Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA8ct6MthaA


aboneer pleas op jacklo gamig ik moet nog groot worden