"Love Mera Hit Hit" Film Billu | Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

Click to Share it on Facebook - - Love Mera Hit HitFilm - BilluSinger - Neeraj Shridhar, Tulsi KumarLyricist - Ashish PanditMusic Director - Pritam ChakrabortyArtist - Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Irfan Khan, Lara DuttaMusic On - T-SeriesSet it as your Caller Tune SMS BB2 to 54646it from iTunes: T-Series channel for unlimited entertainmentus on G+ us on Facebookus onus on

Alexei Muliukov

Поставьте лайк, пусть они думают, что здесь что то крутое


Do breaking bad

Foxy The Pirate Fox

No Black ops killed Call of duty my opinion

Mighty Panda

thums up

Tamago Nigiri

Geminis, man.

Jw perfect Wilkinson

I feel so bad for panda



tay swift

she cam choke

xd Zacatron



" if dp falls apart " NEVER

Now_how_am_i_the weird_one

This is very helpful and it's really helping me not to try and be like the others 💖


How about mass effect 3 with dragon age the game armor you can buy

Merlyn de Zinger

Hate to break it to ya, but at 1:40 you can see him put the handgrenade behind the 'black hole' XD, love the video tho!

Kolina Tolentino-Kaahu


Elisarahi Rodriguez

This has inspired me very much I've been in the same thing for years and do not even know it but now I am ready for a better life (:

superjeffy gage

#1 I'm so fancy

Alex Anderson

What was that Cody ty takes it away

Cat: Meow

Alexwolf playz

154 points

Fury Breath

I'm really wondering what are gonna be dlc characters hopefully it's Dr.Zed

Animater Wannabe

I don’t have VERY bad ocd, my ocd is a bit more mild

•Itz Rico•

Why we love people that hurts us is because they kinda give a little happy feeling and you can't leave them because you love them more than anything

lonely lover

I’m not a fish. Fish don’t has phones.

Actually Happ-

Tom Dill

638 people don't have fun

Lya/Kakashi sensei

Oh my... ponyo is my childhood ! I watched it when I was young it was so cool ^^! it was interesting and original. for me its a good anime movie ! ^o^

sugianto sugianto

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Yea its fake but cool

איתי גולן

what is your editing software?

Can we get to 300 subs with no videos?

I have to touch things a certain amount of times to feel satisfied, and if something goes a certain way for too long, I get panicked, and have to imagine things in the centre. I don’t think this is a form of ocd, and I even if it was it would be the lowest form possible.


codys new nickname

Aaron Smith

pause it at 2:50 and the guy on the board to the right is looking at him like "Whatchu doin'?"


DO IT FOR THE GRAM!!!!!!!!!!

Kaia Brady

When other people see the sponsor: Ugh an outdoor store! Me: YAAAAAAAASSSSSS BASS PROOOOO


I thought she was gonna “save” him from being gay so he would be straight by kissing him!


I'm sorry.

liam Kilby

Favourite easter Egg of all time?

nibble coin

The part when Tyler sniffs the bread.That was a scene in real life trick shots Which was made in 2017 after this video