"Rahul Insulted Army, Yoga & Country" Tejasvi Surya Slams After RaGa Puts Up Pic Of Army Dogs

Rahul Gandhi has mocked the Yoga day celebrations that had happened in the lead of Prime minister Modi by putting up a picture of the military men and the dogs also practicing Yoga and captioning it 'New India'. Tejasvi Surya has slammed Rahul and claimed that Rahul has insulted the country, army, and Yoga. #YogaDay #WorldYogaDay #TejasviSurya #RahulGandhiSubscribe to India Today for NEW VIDEOS EVERY DAY and make sure to enable Push Notifications so you'll never miss a new video. All you need to do is PRESS THE BELL ICON next to the Subscribe button! India Today TV is India's leading English News Channel. India Today YouTube channel offers latest news videos on Politics, Business, Cricket, Bollywood, Lifestyle, Auto, Technology, Travel, Entertainment and a lot more. Stay tuned for latest updates and in-depth analysis of news from India and around the world! Download Mobile App from India’s No.1 News Video Publisher : us: Official website: Twitter: Facebook:

Juliana Rodas

7:32 when Ethan says bro it kinda sounds like that bruh vine

María Fernanda Zamudio Bermejo

This made me cry. You're so fucking strong!

The Flash

Johnny Silverhand is dead in 2077 right? So Johnny Silverhand is in V's head? Wonder how he go there, it's going to be interesting finding out!

Ustole myMusterd

Well, if you can come over the border with no repercussions, why cant the cartels, and all the other criminals come over from your country. Why cant everyone come to America? Because the economy and crime rates. Look at sanctuary cities, like Chicago, incredibly high crime rate. Not only that but a increase in population so suddenly, by uneducated, not ready to assimilate into our culture, and government program relying immigrants. Its bad for the economy. Think about it, the crime that you are running from, why wont they just follow you into America? If you can, most certainly the powerful criminals that overpowered and made your life miserable. I'm for immigration, just no illegal immigration, since you came illegally, of course you would get deported. You should of became legal before making the decision to start a family, that's your fault. I think you coming to the USA seeking asylum and going through the legal process, that's the best thing you can do. Then going through the process of becoming legal, then having a family. This can prevent your separation, and being forced back against your will problem.

Jameson Lalisan

Watching this in 2018 cause I realized I have this for PS2




Hey guru, there is a scene in Rick and Morty (The episode where summer gets enlarged and turned inside out) where they had the morphizer in the back of the van. I believe that is referencing a scene in the movie "Honey, I blew up the kid".

Jollu Pollu


หมีพันดุคุง thaiser

ตัวอย่างภาค 2 EP. 3. มาเร็วๆนะ

Nathan Frame

I would love to see a Tiddly Winks trick shot episode In 2019!

Joey Ronquillo

11:52 best part of entire vid

VaporShave - Epic Games Employee

I forgot you existed

undertale fangirl

I hope you get bettr

tanmay jadhav

Take next with juventus

Keith Harville

also in the wreck it ralph movie right beside that paper it says lost dog bolt

Cersei Lannister

That's Coby wearing the panda suit ,isn't it

Panadora Williams

The trailer is all over the place

Jack St. John


Olivia Firneno

make Elsa gay or so help me god

Mr Wolfpack14

Me: Am I early? checksMe: I AM LATE THIS WAS IN 2009!!!!!!!

mel ahhh

4:56 nAni??!

Film Darren

I love winter Olympics

Valery Galeano

Beautiful story sad

Amy Thompson

Water melons 🍉

MrQuiggles 56

Where is that at?

angel madrid

song name?

Little Roxy

She was nine right the kid! I was nine when my mom died of cancer

Bananatree 902

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El3ktronic Modern Music

Even tho he never wins

Socialist Emu

Don't have guilt. It wasn't your fault.


Prediction: its gonna start by thrm searching about what really happened to their parents and its gonna turn out into some deeper shit


Did they just use the E3 presentation to announce that you can’t transfer Pokémon that don’t appear in the Galar region to the new games? Hmmm......I wonder if you can cancel a pre-order?

Kansas Fishing Kid

i look up "the search" and all i found was fire


Ok, so I'm not judging the parent's decision to not tell their son sooner he was adopted but like if they did I think he would be more aware and not so confused/angry, etc. I'm adopted too but my parents told me right off the bat that I was adopted. And we celebrate that part of my ethnicity too and more like Christmas and Easter. Perhaps if is parents introduced Philippine culture earlier into his life then maybe it wouldn't be so difficult for him to come in terms of who he is etc. It's like when Luke Skywalker learned from Darth Vader that he was his son in their life or death battle and that's the reaction he is kinda having here...


what a way to start the video ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Alben Nator

This story is sad but nice as well


This is easy to do, if you have patience. If he shoots this shot 150 times he willmake one and just show that one video.