Rajinikanth speech - Ilaiyaraaja 75

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Evan Solar


Barry H

hey Guru, great video, as always. Just want to know how many games do you own, seeing that you are showing content from the earlier games and the current games


the ast one i never watch this one but i never think that there wi be dick

Laumanu Akauola

toystory has the pizza

Abigail E

You could make a calendar out of this and we would all buy it

Keyza Simmer Simmer

Now many children plays phones than doll right this is sad story we rememberance about playing with doll


What nba all stars game is actually like

Joshua Budinger

I feel sorry for them


No one give a flying fuck.


On the last easter egg, If you jump up to the top, you can get on top of the map and find a hidden passage to get to the exit, but if you go further you find another room with extra loot :) hope you can put a vid to show others ^^

Olivia Lau

I don't like her


What if someone put oil on the word "jock" and set it on fire while the ghost is active?

Lani Sil


Bucket Squad 2

tyler looks the most like his dad

Maddy Reimer



Don't think I'd trust their opinion on the rest of the food based on their steak opinion...


Perfect dark was a helluva game

Nicolle Ebba

Doesn’t support the LGBT but still wants to be supported by everyone. Lmao alright I guess

Emmanuel EXE

Looool Godzilla ! x)


yes he won PRAY TO COBY THE KING WINNER Well idk this is 2019 bruh

X5 FanTasy

welcome to the team Tom

Nagette Lewis


Hunter Carroll

Tbh the coolest thing in the video is panda falling out of the tree at 1;43


pink rose milk

I was looking for my phone in my sleep


7 is not good enough for keem

The gamer pro 2.0

Welcome but you are the ones that inspire me to se you videos thanks

Janine Beckley Bears

Seahawks are my favorite team my second favorite person is Russell Wilson end of my first is Richard Sherman but sadly plays for the 49ers

Owura Nkansah

Nice 😎😎 video Dude Perfect 👌🏿! I just started watching your channel and I love 💕 it! 😇😇

Clearly I'm a Weeb

When you die, its all a matter of wether you had a happy life and chose the path to God or not. I heard before that you have vivid memories of your family in Heaven, instead, I hope I remember everyone I loved.

Hamza Nidam

2017 ?

Noah Flood

the brewers


Are you able to land on the Ufos?


My boyfriend told me to send some pics.


If Anthony ever returns it has to start on the couch with him going "can you imagine how stupid it would be if Anthony actually came back to smosh"

Zoe Doggo

Welcome to bartender with babish.

Дмитрий Тот

Норм музон

Javier Rios

Fake and Hacks

below zero

you mad because you shitty at stealth


The27FireLords YT

At 1:40 exsposed himself so hard


Ahika Jani

You legit threw a club in the water