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Aadavaareer Indre Aadavaareer Video Song from Rambayin Kadhal Tamil Movie exclusively on Mango Music Tamil. Rambayin Kadhal ft. P Bhanumathi, KA Thangavelu and MN Rajam in lead roles. Music composed by TR Pappa, Directed & Produced by RR Chandran under the banner Kalpana Kala Mandhir. For more superhit classic songs, subscribe to Mango Music Tamil - Details:Song: Aadavaareer Indre AadavaareerSinger: P BhanumathiMusic: TR PappaDirector: RR ChandranYear: 1956Rambayin Kadhal MN Nambiar, TS Balaiah, Kaka Radhakrishnan, EV Saroja, Ambika, SA Ashokan among others.Click here to watch: Oru Nadigai Nadagam Parkiral Video Songs - Osai Video Songs - Veettu Penn Video Songs - Kalyani Video Songs - Thiruvilayadal Video Songs - more Tamil Movie Songs : Subscribe : Like us : us :

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