Rang de Basanti | Chak de India/Jai ho Independence day | bollywood Dance patriotic Song |kunal more

Happy Independence dayto all from dance floor studio family .Independence special bollywood dance performance on PATRIOTIC Song ( DESH BHAKTI ) -rang de basanti , chak de india , jai ho , Phir bhi dil hai hindustani and ae watan from Raaziyou can use this songs on 15th august or 26 January - republic day as patriotic theme Hope you guys enjoy this bollywood fusion and fun dance routine! Do hit the LIKE button and leave your suggestions in the comment box below. choreography - kunal more cinematography - pawan bhattdancers - vinod mahajan , roshnara , shikha , krish ,payal , shruti ,Santo, vishwas ,tanvi , Samiksha,


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