Ratha Kanneer Tamil Full Movie HD | M R Radha | Sriranjani | Krishnan-Panju | Thamizh Padam

Ratha Kanneer Tamil Full Movie HD featuring M R Radha and Sriranjani on Thamizh Padam. Directed by Krishnan-Panju, music by CS Jayaraman and produced by Perumal Mudaliyar National Pictures. Ratha Kanneer Tamil movie also stars SS Rajendran, MN Rajam, JP Chandrababu and SR Janaki among others. Synopsis:A westernized foreign return Indian who has problem with every concept of Indian culture. He falls in love with a prostitute. He marries a village girl after his parents force him to do so. He leaves his wife and give everything to prostitute then he becomes victim of a disease and everyone leaves him but only his wife and friend returns to try to cure him.Click here to watch:Velaikaran Tamil Full Movie : - Rajinikanth Tamil Movie Songs : Tamil Movie Songs : P Muthuraman Tamil Movies : Balachander Hit Movies HD : more Thamizhpadam :Subscribe us : us : us :

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