Roja satires on Akhila Priya - TDP leaders hit back - TV9

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Roman Khram

1. Mario

Sophea Tonsing

While I was watching this I was imagining myself in your state except that my favourite band/group is EXO.


2:17 Nathan Drake???

C Wicht

As soon as I read the title of this video i knew ty was gonna win

School: Oh, also, don't forget to study for the TNReady tests!!! There will also be a test AFTER that.

TSM_Foggie446 Meme

It is checkers

KittyMe 303

thumbnails at 4:13

sub2 plz

Gaming Stereotypes?

Dat_potato _doe

John, don’t touch her no-no square.

Myleigh Davenport Vlogs ‘n’ more

Matcha one was good 👌 🍵



congratulations, your SHAZAM now!

Cleyton Rasta Ff

Q onda tô brisado ouvindo essa música

David Mirea

Were is Carrett


Growing up in the Florida keys it's annoying to hear people pronounce conch like that....

unicorn squad fan club

A boy always made fun of me for my weight but he left but he is a friend if mine and i knew it was a joke but i thought it wasent to me

Freddie Piper


I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn about autism👦🏻😇😘


Ok...... i stan

DDGaxel Nilsson

Holy shituss

Emily Kovar

You are going to break your toe

Caileigh Johnson

thats really sad im crying

Lilebeth Arellano

you know they were in the same college

Fable - “bring me back!”

Sachin Sharma

get you a qb that can do more than both

jahseh songs

Whodat nation

amardeep singh

The next sport will be carrom tricks

girltalk Hamilton

This is why I have trust issues


Allah Akbar

xXReaper MonroyXx

Did yall see the dog jumping


Dude perfect, the reason I do trickshots on my channel is because you guys do them. There not as good as you but I try my best.!


1: please be more specific than 2019.

Pink Unicorn

THere is no sound in space since there can’t be any vibrations. no air no sound ( unless if you’re touching it). eg rockets, explosions, clap ect

Cristofer Ramirez


nayarita miku

No wonder why almost everybody loved that part of toy story


you should have put that panda falling out of the tree right after that little boy ran saying "mama hes a real panda" that would have been pretty gosh darn funny

lil_lemer _23

This is how many bowling balls and pins they broke in this vid👇🏼

Balázs Miklán

dp: dickpistol

Jordan Eilbert

Lisa Su (AME CEO) vs Robert H. Swan (Intel CEO) - CHIP BATTLE (can slide in some shade from Jensen Huang (nVidia CEO)

jung shøøkie

0:34 birdbox who?

Rapunzel. Merida. Mulan

Myriam Fatima




Gavin Matthew Davis

Ty's jump shot is like an over the head pass, you should have also added the worst passer

Reaper Gamer 23

Who is panda



TheVideo Commenter

I think Hotman as a series has the best easter eggs in it.

Charlie Morano

5:11 is it just me or did you see the olive fall off of his pizza 🍕 (like if you saw it too)⤵️

loc power

The game is in the refrigerator, the eggs are cooling, the jelos jiggling and the butter's getting hard, lights out doors closed, It's in the refrigerator folks.

Sucko's Gaming


DOM 3045

Anyone 2018?.

No longer epic action ,semi realistic stealth (card board boxes) and really fucking long cutscenes that make you forget that you're playing a game and not a watching a crappy but good for its time graphics movie, then it's back to the game and you've already forgotten how the controls.


@TsukiRockerBoy what he doesnt need his arms or legs he uses his freakin mind

Meeta Verma

His brother is someone I'd go out with 😶😶

Bill Tortolini

Tastes the potatoes, drops the spoon back into the pot, sits back and waits for the trolls to pop in... THUG LIFE! ;)