Rulada Aperitiv cu carne tocata | Aperitivo con carne picada | Tasty

Reteta ingrediente :650 carne tocata mixta1 lingurita sare1 lingurita condiment maggi1/2 lingurita nucșoară1/2 lingurita piper3-4 catei de unsturoi1/2 ardel taiat marunt400 gr spanac1 ou50 gr parmegiano60 gr pesmethartie de coptTimpul de coacere45 minute la 200°CAboneaza-te aici canalul meu Bucatareste cu Rodica ➡️bomboane raffaello puteti gasi si in facebook:lapte condensat :Ralucai Demsa➡️Canalul Cofetari Bucatari ➡️

SoneFor 10Years

Reading the comments make me feel so sad and jealous. I also want TWICE to trend here in Greece.

Aleenas chanelle

Where's her got outta HELL card?

Lene Novo

oh well


Where is curry


Elsa looks so good in her new dress omg!

Moto Moto

dont worry i live in the hood too

Big J Dunked



I honestly wish they made new songs for this other than reusing two others. :/ Oh well.

mara _

What’s up with the Dislikes?



DeShawn Parrow


Melissa Novak

thumbs up if coby will ever win 10 battles

Ariana Koh

Over 10.000 feet i think

Bamboby 089

How many people who support you! ⬇️

Jessica Corbeil

Those are known as suicidel head aches

Trevor Fritz

My favorite team is chicago Blackhawks

Arc Ray

so whats under the rock in Red Dead Redemption?


Rip Diamond💛 you will be missed, sending love your way jeffree 💕

Darien Zheng

Who eats a popsicle with a knife and a fork?? There is something seriously wrong with you, actually thats normal for you nevermind

Abdullah Alsharif

best episode ever

Egg rolls

Just a dog With a google pic

Minute videos? More like Ten Minute Videos!

luna lover60

i feel bad i always buy 1 peice sets but it costs a fortune cause they all decintergrate

Oltololoy 11

I counted 23


Why couldn’t she get a job and pay for her own university

Also, will definitely check out that book when it comes out.

CourseGroup Dot

I went from bullied to still waiting for a life

Ariana's Vlogs





My Husband Beats Me.....

Carl Yesma

like for part 9

Tsar Daddy

I bet Polish people are happy to have a successful trickshot named after them