Sanananna Ho Sanananna Panthi Geet - Garima & Swarna Diwakar - Swadeshi Mela 2016 - Live Program

Sanananna Ho Sanananna Panthi Geet - Garima & Swarna Diwakar - Swadeshi Mela 2016 - Live Program


Loved the video. Glad to see new easter eggs.

I5L Productions

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Yessenia Gonzalez

# FaZe

Fil Im

Any one watching 2019

Lascoad LD

I❤ Rage monster xD

Luis rios

u forgot the other Liberty City

Πετρος Σιταριδης


A12 Adventures

When you run out of content :3

NOT midwaysquid

Did you have to pay for the stuff you used?

Zavier LaBonte

I hit the virtual button for at home and I accidentally pause the video

Amber Msp xxx

I thought she was gonna get botox 😂

Corporal Lance

it wasnt samuel jackson, it was will smith.

Samito188 Playz

How do you get sponsored by a hamburger

Walker Alsbrooks

They do know they didnt invent this right?

Chris RJ

A much better choice of a wall to build than others.

Mr. eccentricities

lol not subtle

Gets bullied for being skinny.

Salaar Gul

please make a part 3 i have subscribed and ive hit the bell

JazzyLand _x

“the love of my life passed away before we even met”

smiley snail

can u subscribe me

Emanuelly Silva

When I was going on YouTube I actadently taped Insta gram

Fotios Periklis

Now I know why my friends don't like going on walks with me..


I may found one not in this video. During the Seasons Puzzle, Atreus references a song his mother used to sing to him. The lyrics went “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.” Pretty similar to the lyrics by Carole King in “You’ve Got a Friend”: “Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call”.


France 🇫🇷

M3LlØ2 Smœl

This made me cry😢

Timmo de Beus

ohmyyy i like the sound of a buzzer😍


You should have Ian zack and dan run a show while you take care of the fam bam bruh congratulations beautiful family man I love you guys


How do they do this

Gacha_cookie 13

Someone at school called me a fat shit


I have the world record for the least world records

Francis Mil

1:45 omf

Buttcheek buns

12:08 wheel unfortunate 2.0 whose cleaning up?

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I will pay you for that laser

Big Smoke


Rajesh Jangid

Dp is best

Emerald Game Cave

Who could dislike this video. Becoming a parent is the most beautiful gift anyone could receive. Congratulations to you all :)


3:03 that photo is really satisfying

Itz_ Depression-Kun

Omg this happen to me when I was 5

Elijah Ruckman

you should do a drive-through stereotypes video

Daryll Angelo

Well this was a boring trailer


That Apocalypse Now reference was pretty cool.

Jo with the flow vlogs

I feel like crying