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Oscar Hochman



Lol most of these comments are who’s here in March madness 2019 xD

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Gregorius Gerry

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Vachan Shub

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Pooja Dawar

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Bree Jones

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Cinderella Pereira Buser

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This has to be my new favorite tony opening

Echo of midnight

I always wonder that people on instagram are really happy or perfect? But I know it isn’t seems like that , my anxiety no so I deleted instagram to be more happy and gratefull

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Barsana Pradhan

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Jana Frig

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People are rewarded for their poetic ability and made president or PM on the basis of being good at poetry. So we would have presidents and PM’s who were just elected on the basis of their prose rather than their ability to govern. They would make great speeches, but would not necessarily be good at running things.

Macca Footie

Like this for part 2

Abby Wesley 2006

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Ethan James

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Dovilija Torrau

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naji khamo

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Cold hot pocket smoothies?!?! Gross! But a good consequence!

The Memeing

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midnight 77

If you think about it this is kinda like a different way of smoking

Lauren Autumn

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Cristina Maria Funes Fuentes

I have the thought that mayyyyyybe Pringles is sponsoring the video, I don't know why.Amazing video btw, these guys are amazing

Bella PinkSavage

This is so Beautiful!!! That is true friendship!!!