Sezen AKSU'nun En Güzel 10 Şarkısı

Sezen AKSU'nun en güzel 10 eseri..


Thats bull shit!!! O_O!!!


one thing you got wrong with this (at 0:18 or so) is that in North Korea most families and I mean like 90% had no access to the internet, television and all kinds of things. Only the rich families that the government supported had access to the internet and those things.

ryan marke

Can you do more

death soccer

panda is very good

Jerry Belas

Panthers need him cause they suck and they need some talent on there team (I'm a pats fan)


oh no its 6/10

Jayden WONG [07R17M]

5:39 he yeeted the turtle

The Person From The Philippines

bts' trashcan

lol this is why I'm glad that I'm lesbian. i know this can happen with girls too but I ain't never had this happen with a female.


Best game so far this year

Friends friends

Tristan Tetting

Why was it recorded by a potato? Or is that the new potato easy camera

Tari Wolfe

Laser tag

Jake Lester

Do some with tj oshie

Justin Mack

Halle Berrrrrry Halle Berry!!!! She killed it and NO VEGAN WINGS!!! Thank GOD!!


Johnny Mnemonic Entered Cyberpunk 2077 ^^

In my case it was $80 to $120!

Yvette Pantoja

I feel kind offff......fUnNy!!😂😂 I’m dead!

shwifty 7

4:36 what the rest of the world thinks of America

Efe Kaya

How can you find all these?

Wyatt Wilson


Emery Songer

totally real... in fact, without a doubt...

Giancarlo Colona

GlaDOS is a bitch in the custom map... But the suprise was amazing! lol

The Hunt Rock Band

Do a prank interview on Cole Sprouse!


I have Aspergers.

H0pe_w0rld 13

Poor girl..😭☹️

Braxton Mischke

Who is panda 🐼

Yarack Obama

This really brings back feelings

help me get 100 subs with no video

Who elsre thought it was about trans


I loved when you played fortnite with Nija


Holy shit. Battlefield easter eggs are always awesome!

Misty Moo

I watch with subs because the less I have to listen to Americans the better

Bass Lovers

Lol a dude perfect as came up