Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) (Official Music Video) ft. Carlinhos Brown

La La La is featured on Shakira's new self-titled album. Shakira & Activia partner to support World Food Programme and its School Meals initiative, Find out more on - “La La La” is featured on the new album Shakira, out now / El nuevo álbum ya disponible en iTunes / CDAlso, featured on One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Album. Available Now: Music video by Shakira performing La La La. (C) 2014 Ace Entertainment ShakiraWebsite: to ShakiraiTunes: #LaLaLa #Vevo #LatinPop #OfficialMusicVideo #Brazil2014 #CarlinhosBrown

Tre Bell

the guy who talks alot seem like a fanatic

Pushy Kanini

XD Bites Motel

LazyKat Playz

When your early but you don't know what to comment

I mean, maybe wear some makeup, wigs or smthn.

Ariel Kithler

Why does everyone care about who is panda and if we find out then there will be no point of panda excisting

Hunter Ellen

Do you have a playlist of all the music you've ever used for your videos? because you pick some good songs

Stoop Ah Jiht

Best use of gatorade ive seen in a long time.

Max Reichenbach

Love how Tyler thinks he has a shot at the end facing an NFL wide receiver lol

Dotty spotty

Actually happened has left the chat

Nikhil Zambare

Tyler is so funny 😂


I miss raven shield :(


The last easter eggs is quite creepy ahaha

Jose Lopez

Anyone else dislike jimmy kimmel but love Guillermo

sam Petriello

I love your videos

Legend Blend

Awww Stormi is so adorable. Especially when she got in her little car ☺

Hemang Chauhan

Can I make gif about the Fuck You door and post it else where?

Phijkchu Mattyice

no its gta 5 lol

jesse riffle

that never hit ty in the balls

Noel : NO

The American Mosquito

Why is everyone blaming the US? She willingly came here, knowing she was illegal, which is extremely unsafe.

Flo Lopez Lewit

This is deep

Dusty Boys

Why did the toilet paper not make it to the other side? Because it got stuck in a crack!Ha ha

Luke Woodson

Airsoft trickshots plz

Vidalina Fuentes


Nerf TIP

Man you’re the best !

As Phaethon would whip you to the west,

Alexandra Smith

2019 anyone?

Im Fleckzer

Sky is now in the sky 💀

Joe Chan

Damn ronald is creepy

6. dress in your wife`s close I have a wonderful family and I love them but...


That girl is so brave

DenisTheEpiclol// DTEL

Who's watching this in 2017?

DP Dug

Anyone else feel bad for the guys at 10:20 ???


Love your easter eggs tho

Shek Md Mokter

I wish i were in ur vids and were loke u guys 😢😢😢

Lay Yard


Secondly, u were the idiotic one to walk over there sooo....

reezicat yh

I'd love Fallout! Wild Wasteland Is SO fun!

Chromio 208

No hate but if that happened to me the first person I would tell wouldn’t be some teenage boys


You can just feel the Sleep deprivation coming off of this podcast.

Lucas Carrero

Who also watches this over and over again 🤨


:/ crest why did u just show me a lil girl puking .... that was a lil to much ....


I think the notched pick axe in my opinion is more towards a reference to minecraft since it has a smithing enchantment where crafting is a big part of skyrim, just the fact that the enchantment is on a pick too makes it more probable


that just means you were a terrible driver.

Bryce Wolff

When you made that football shot that was so cool please Check chains

Chevy Brenner

Thank you so very much. I've known for a few years but, without this video, people just think I'm crazy.

Nicola George

I have all ten of the symptoms!

MaryAnn Pron

I know your name Joseph Allen I'm proud of you man

Shahnewaz Rahman Nill

how much


am I the unic person that ship them?

We love you 💎 Diamond! Rest in Pupparadise baby girl!

Issac Ortega

Early AF

Slowly puts phone down

Me : 🅱️ruh

Helixious HD

Underrated channel

Once x ReVeLuv

6:19 looks so satisfying