Chris Todd

When Cory was screaming an add came on of Jurassic world dinosaur screaming

Denny King

Lol, she went to the bathroom and brung all dat shit up

Ur acting skills😍😍😊😊

Logan Arnett

Also have u herd of a game called team fortress 2

Defying Gravity

Banana swirl I don't know what that is Banana swirl

Noe _Sanchez


Alex PC

Do you know cheeseburgers have cheese in

Justin Price

I think tyler

Page Abandoned

o_O NICE!!!

Jesus Villanueva

A video with an onion another funny voice


That's the summer camp I go to sky ranch van TX

Skylar Smith

when you survived july 16 thats my birthday and im grateful your alive

Now that I'm finally done with 2017, it's time to make way for all the new exciting games out this year that I can't wait to explore with you all. They pushed Red Dead Redemption 2 back to October so in an attempt not to die between now and its release, I'll be locking myself inside and hopefully that means more time to work on videos! I'm kidding. My upload rate will be just as bad as usual, but I hope can you all join me on the rest of this journey. I hope you guys like the video, and thank for watching!

Sabda_ Limit


Saulius Sinica

I have the rage Monster

Kazuki Aoshima

My little sister is a Bathroom Champion. She goes to the bathroom like 3 times.


And it's Trump's fault!!

cheetacorns yay!

As a very small child, I wanted to be a singer. I saw on Disney commercials all the time telling me to follow my dreams. So I thought I could do it! I was so excited to grow up and sing for the world! But.,., When I got older,.... I liked to sing at school. My friends never supported me, just told me how bad I was. That didn't stop me, until my family got involved to! My sister's just told me u can't be a singer. One day I was sitting with my cousin, and she was singing beautifully. I sang with her and she started laughing. And said " it's ok! Not everyone can sing!" And those words.... Changed everything. I know have no gutts to become anything in life and don't know if I should follow my dreams without any support 😔😢😢😔

TheNerfProject Nerf

What's that song its good plz help good song

brick by brick


Ancient Sumerian

I noticed a lot of low IQ people are commenting on here without reading the story. #1 the guy helping him up isn't the one who got kicked out and fined. #2 The guy who pushed him wasn't even anywhere near him, so the push was deliberate. #3 The guy on the right side of him not only pushed him, but he was also cursing at him. #4 the guy apologized and admitted he was wrong right after the incident. So you cucks can stop trying to defend him in the comments section.

Online holocron


Jon-Parks Bostick

Somebody fix Cody