Soltera Remix - Lunay X Daddy Yankee X Bad Bunny (Video Oficial)

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Am I the only one who's not excited to have an overused character in a game we have been waiting a very long time for, it's just cheesey to me.

Ned forester

PandaBoi 1


Korion Whims-Merriman

It Recommend this for me yesterday lol LIKE

Tevin White

Sound a lil like la Capone if he was rappin today

Jordan Ben


I love the Brave truck, nicely done to include it in the movie

Isabelle Orozco

Bruh that’s my everyday mood


Can you do dolls?

Alston Lloyd

This video is sponsored by Coke Zero Sugar? Same great Coke taste but with zero sugar?

The Flying hotdogs

Mets are the best!

Su cc

but... what if your parents were the cause of your depression...

fredboom2's life

watched the whole video

Eduardo Gamarra Crespo

que temazoo

Silas Tofte

Haha lmao cok is too big

Samuel Sebastian

Its how the cookie crumbles


Hope you get one the game


Put playback speed on 0.25x in the intro song it sounds like demons

Luke Naylor

Bro what is butt glue LMAO

Denny LBX Akbar

Palestine edition


Parodias de fútbol

Donald trump is dead

el bappo

1:00 why did he squat then flex his chest

David Church

I like the last one

Nathanael Admassu

The graphics are just meh but the story looks good.


The fucking wii

Rainbow Flavor

I can't stop watching this Mv . I love this concept so much. They are work hard all the time. In this life i think i will love Twice forever.💕

gamerz point

Tyler is my favourite member and also in rage monster

Mr Jibbs

no space balls is a star wars rip off

Respect Art


Bender Over

WTF!! that iz fuckin EPIC


These geniuses 👌🏽


Holy shit

Phoebe TonQueen

Face book and whatsapp are out

Funny little foxy gaming

I have 10 bow and arrows

I would like SugaKookiesAndTae please

Kylie: Now I just need to pick a purse

Gevor Aghayan


Howard Williams

i shot a deep three


Misty B

the beetlejuice thing was cool

Bo Camberlango

Garret baseball

Mars Steenwyk

OMG there intro and now I'm 8 years later

King Gaming

Those gnomes sounds are really familiar, i think those sounds are from a game that lets you smash 1,000 gnomes in popcop if you now what i mean

Knightly Scarlet

i feel like everyone has a combination of these

Endymion, the Master of Memes

We will build a wall to hold back oceans but not illegal immigrants? Lmao.

Terry Yee

you would think they have already allow claptrap to get up stair by now.

stacy deboise

Odell is a beast at the one handed catches

balance_ hyper

Bru forealskeet smash


I'm the shortest in my group but always the fastest

Tiến Huy Đinh

That motherfucking seawave??? So realistic

Martie HArris

The big one

Lebron Remogat

I want my rc in Nov. 1 bye

Jaiz Gaming

Idea for video

Jordan Rodgers



Any game that uses the shooting and movement mechanics of max Payne 3 is fucking awesome!