So Sorry: EVM Testing Competition

So Sorry is an exclusive Politoons series by India Today Group. It is India's first politoons series and an initiative by India Today Group which focuses exclusively on the most trending and controversial news from all over India.It mainly emphases on the issues trending in India, creating spoof and humorous videos about the issues. It has earned many plaudits and has received many awards such as BCS Ratna Award for Broadcast Excellence as Best Politoon, FICCI-BAF Best Animation in the Open category and Winner FICCI BAF Show of the Year.Subscribe:

Coolio Julios


Thanks for the video..

Normen Huntsman

Now thats an cute egg

Scott Massick

Can a person do this augment really with any system and game?


The title: that's what she said

Robin hood: hello

crystal simon

Elsa stopped global warning 🥰

Fons van Heesch


Vladimir Gološin

cs_office is not the only one. There is one in de_survival


Freshest asmr ever


I have to study for a test tomorrow but i also wanna watch thia video and fall asleep

Hayley Gawthorne


Faded Mystic

22 bounces. whos in 2019 watchin this


I feel like I have symptoms of Boths because my body get tingly and it’s difficult to breath but like G.A.D. I’m worry about a lot

Trent Tremblay

Lax stick


Frozen : let it goFrozen ii : let it be

Dylan Lozier


Mandy Mulder

Do an other and another

Keegan Morley

If an1 is wondering why Indiana Jones Easter eggs in star wars clone wars, Indiana Jones is Han solo


Lol pewds

Anthony Scavron

I just wasted 14 minutes of my life

Phúc Nga TV

Vietnam love Dude Perfect ❤️❤️❤️

Beth Halpain


Unicorn Is Me


Hockey Girl

Am a hockey player



boba tea


Lonley Emo

I don't get gumball blowing Alan or the powerpuff girls unless the girl meant she was made accidentally by condoms not being used


I used to work at Texas Roadhouse... It's okay. A very gimmicky place which I am not into at all.

Star Crystal

24th also this is really inspiring!!

I wont cry

tam amin


NK is a great place

anthony crescenzo

Talent... Talent everywhere

ReverseFortniteGOD YT

but do video games make people happy ?? Not just talking of Jobs

snoopy luwoo

tbh eczema is really hard to cure, specially when you dont have enough money for the pills and ointment :<


in the last one when you shoot of all the heads it plays a song, the song that is played in on eof the missions in the campange mode. Its called somphony for the devil by the Rolling stones

Sangtea Hauhulh

Who is watching this in 2018😆


The last ones name is Sammy