Spaghetti con vongole veraci per bimby TM6 TM5 TM31

Link diretto alla ricetta sul nostro blog → kg di vongole veraci350 g di spaghetti50 g di olio e.v.o.1 spicchio d’aglio1 mazzetto di prezzemolo tritato fresco500 g di acqua + q.b. per la cottura della pasta50 g di vino bianco4 pomodorini tagliati a pezzettisale e pepe nero q.b.1 peperoncino (facoltativo)

Alvin Kae Cabato

Isn't the Metro series more on survival than horror?

Gaming boiboi

Wow that's, depressing.

sweet sugar

I am only 13 and my mum is exactly the same

Bhupinder Singh

who is the panda?

Brahim Berrouche

Why does panda get hurt by Tyler in some basketball videos he does like a laser shot on panda when that happens I wonder if is panda crying


D: The Porter Easter Eggs Almost made me cry lol

Like Videos are high quality, well put together, and fun to watch. Thank you.

haydies 1269

ha-ha when I started watching. the video it was 9:35

SaLty_Clan YT

I live in South Africa and at the moment we are in a big drought😓 3 months until no more water... 1 like = someone where I live gets water

Leata Plummer

Tyler said the f word 3:32


im so curious who is behind the panda

Dylan Morton

Missed the dude who doesn’t do his punishment for losing


I need money tho


Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández

Get over it and make a choice... sorry but that's all there is to it, despite the difficulty... Pain is natural, suffering is optional!


How do you find your easter eggs?

Perfect and funny



F34R SnipeZ

Tyler is the best nice beard bro


Very much helpful thank you for the information very well put together and understanding as well.

Veera Maria

Who is here before 10k views?

im tj

Elon musk

my body after watching this : 🤰

Dylan Vo

lol rape

dhruv Chaudhari

Man the egg really hurt

Celiss Andrei

Panda is everybody it’s Chad Tim Coby Cody Tyler Garrett Cory that’s Panda because am smart. :D


Me gusta cuando enseñas tus dos mazos EPICOS


Those who like rage monster 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇like here

Muffin Mandatory

I did not see this till 2019

Pedro Marçal


Purav Shah

Thats why ty is so athletic

Epic Fails

Whoever likes this will become successful and rich😁

animation life

Mr freez

Dena Schull

Dude you guys are perfect!!!!


That might be a problem, you should probably consult a local doctor about that.

Filip Žák



The Office xD

Jin Biased


Wolfgang Bertges

This mp or story


Using 9-11 for views is fucking pathetic.

Fabio Lanzoni

I'm kind of excited. But wary... When money is being thrown at big actor names to draw 'hype' you take budget away from the actual game itself. And this being backed by EA is extremely dis-concerning


he prob didnt put it in because like almost evryone knows about it