Special Report | Baig Ousted.!! ಸಿದ್ದರಾಮಯ್ಯ ಏಟಿಗೆ ದೋಸ್ತಿ ಛಿದ್ರ ಛಿದ್ರ..??

#Siddaramaiah #RoshanBaig #News18Kannada | News18 Kannada special report on Congress rebel MLA Roshan Baig who has been sending shivers to the high-command. News18 Kannada is one of the India’s leading news channel. Please follow our page to watch live and breaking news with latest videos added every hour. Please visit our www.news18kannada.com for latest opinions and detailed news coverage.Follow Us On:-----------------------------Facebook:

ray laplatney

where is chnelll

Hayden Quarles

So we all are going to ignore the fact she came in the USA illegally and is now playing the victim

Charlotte Williamson

Like a fear bit of my friends are Indian and I have like 5-9

Bô Mập Channel

if Jessica doesn't develop an immune system to him then who the hell can stop him. The Avenger?

Kapithan Jonathan

"Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody to go first" -loonie fliptop

Mati Aller

There is a trollface in minute 1:00

Ayaan 1710

Where's Cody??


Why would you have a phone at 8 years old, assuming it isn’t a flip phone?

Elise Udy

😆 lol

Charlotte 1204

I love her voice 😂

Itz Muffet

I'm not being pregnant.....

Rose Park Parent Board

can you buy me a nerf gun

Muhtasim C.

if someone called you guys dude perfetic what would you do

Aly Myre

That’s so messed up honestly.

David Pilarski

Can you make a Penguin edition


It's Wheatley or atlas from multiplayer

Anna Pavlova

I'm so goddamn confused

- Pool (billiard) stereotypes


The attention to detail and symbolism Naughty Dog puts in their games is absolutely mind blowing.


GUNS N ROSES!! Best easter egg ever

Time to SWAT this mofo for harassing Jayden

Mel Grech

my first boyfriend was EXACTLY like this... And I partly blame myself for being so ignorant. But 6 years on after we broke up memories of him still haunt me, and it's put me off starting a new relationship because I'm just too scared.

Love Is Pain

Nice video, congratulations on the 100th vid

Jeremiah Morley

Not sure why this was in my trending list. Nothing special from an aesthetic perspective, so I assume the lyrics must be pretty special? Down-vote for wasting my time though.

Noah Hoglund

Anyone 2019?


Why does this sound like one of those 1 direction adoption fanfics

Z4XUEL Gaming


Shawn Bijani

Wow finally an game that don't take 10 hits to kill some one lmao

Hex fire


D. Felix Photo

Swae Lee x Juice wrld + Wiz Kahlifa = Tyla Yaweh

Marcela Torres

At the start of this video I was like this looks like Sky Ranch, and it was! Seeing as how I've just started following this channel does this mean they're based in Texas?

Colby F



How did you not die when you fell to the libretey statue on GTA IV?.

Matthew Kelly

my mother lived in ethiopia and was born there

gabriel haynes

So you ran out of sports ideas so here's a plunger

U.S. Government: SCRAM. SKEDADDLE.

nathan cabano

Is it wrong to say that I am almost 16 and that this movie looks friggin’ Awesome?

Ro-Coaster Review

I feel like I failed myself by getting tingles during Fred’s death.

Waffle Cone

I'm subbing to anyone who subs to me let's help each other out

Natasha Martinez

Noel and Cody reminding everyone they have girlfriends for 3 minutes

Luke Cant


4th trending malaysia

Aeida Rahman

omg u got ur first love😞😭😫

the guy racer

it doesn't work for me on xbox360 ):

Oregon Farwell

But I’ve seen the video

Heptic Gaming

Wow this is so surprising

Leroy Pohatu

This specific wrench was for Bioshock.