Special Report - Israel: A Miracle in Agriculture​

Rajya Sabha TV travelled to Israel to see its most successful venture that is agriculture! Its a special report in half an hour in English!Israel: miracle in agriculture.Anchor: Akhilesh Suman


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Addison’s Life

Why is there so many dislikes?


I didn’t know I had OCD until I watched this .-. Is this why I hate germs?


Nice SR 3 glitch


5:23 hahahahahahaha

jacob Alejandro

Who else came here because this is their least viewed video


liked the battlefield reference, bad company was hands down the best fps campaign I ever played (although the 2nd one was a bit boring) and I wish they'd make a 3rd one

mahmoud rafati


Amy Ponder

Any one watching in 2017

Soulless Zephyr

Can you please make Easter eggs in Star Wars games? That would be amazing

vErY mOiSt

That was a really beautiful story :’)

Santy Squared

I fell in love with elmo when i was 2 so back off..

hjvttv X

Fortnite Trailers

Aaron Nixon

"The VVitch" soundtrack at the end. Nice touch. But why do I have a craving for butter all of a sudden?


I never even saw my grandpa


5:32 O_O throws money unrealisticly

caeleb stewart

you should jump into the foam pit with a basketball and shoot backwards in the fantasy factory

Mister Judge

How'd you manage to make old games to have HD quality?

Brian Check

At 3:54 did anyone see Tylerbehind the pole?

Anne Weessies

your video's are short but fun

Bradleigh Victoria

how does Emma sit on her foot/leg like that

Evan Brooks

2018 December?

You cannot say what is an easter egg, and what is not, when it comes to The Stanley Parable.

Zane Dewitt

are those baseballs


28 bounces play it in slowmo

Farizza S

im the purple hozer fan

THE Mastered Beast

you forgot to add "in fortnite"

Jen atools

9/11 : the second attack

Wallace Brown

what's up ty if your wondering i know tyler

Noodely Nappy

When I was 7-8 years old,I went hospitalized for being insanely underweight.I was coughing and I felt the blood while I was coughing.It is very painful and it isn't worth to risk your life to be "pretty".These coaches will lead you to your death and you need to make your own choices.-Thank you.From a soon to be YouTuber.Thank you for your time.

Ondra Vopálka

Líbí se mi vaše tvorba, paráda.