Sri Anjaneyam Prasannanjaneyam Dhyanam

Weekend Warrior

Mortal kombat theme song?


holy fucking shit, no way.

HONEST BEAUTY - Creme Cheek Blush $12.99

Adron Duell

Foods from FF15.

Ita Corcoran

I will never understand the Americans who support this, and I never want to. If I ever heard this was happening in my country I'd be enraged beyond belief.

griffin bendowski

I know the reasoning for the teddy bear easter egg. In the very first Call of Duty there is an easter egg, (I forgot how to do it -_-) where you enter this cave and there is a soldier holding the exact same teddy bear saying,"Don't worry, when this is all over, we can go home." Later in the game the soldier dies and the bear now sits and awaits for the company of a dead soldier.

DAN Hughes

You're basketball game is horrible

Elisabeth Nunez

0:42. Was that a horse made out of water?

Bus the thank driver Ok?

Player: I love the item soo much

Mr. Rickster

+funwithguru u are amazing at finding Easter eggs



Sarah Novoselec

Love him! 😍

Im sorry this just became a rant and cry for help that no one can give.

Lolita L

First one came out when I was in the 5th grade. Now I'm going into the 10th. I AM SO READY FOR THIS. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Sunil Venkata

This is some black mirror shit. Amazing!

Nur Hayati

Damn WHY ive never know about this group 😤

The Andy Affect


Colby gamer

that's in portland i went there

Chinu Patil



@UndergroundGrooves Only it's not a hockey stick or a baseball bat. It's a metal rod thing with a slab of iron on the end. It carries much more kinetic energy when swung and the amount of energy transferred is greater. Look at that device he's holding in the beginning of the video. Heavy metal...that could explain the gloves he's wearing during the swing.

Akshay Mishra

Hi you arenice

B _Milt11



1:13 shock wave


Do it with F2

Shawn Lepe

Curry is a choker. He can't win without KD. He had terrible 2015 finals, won anyway because of other players. Choked in 2016 finals. KD helped winning the last 2 finals. Curry has yet to prove he can win when it matters the most.

DarkMan 1357

The kappa is also considered mischievous, just so you know.

Silent Protagonist

I just wanna know what compelled the creator of the last secret to place it in the audio file that's required to be altered to be found... In fact... who was the first to legitimately find that secret...?

Colton Hentges

Minnesota Vikings


I would wait until my baby is 10 yrs old and then sell him for a 1 000 000 dollars IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING or i would exchange my baby for a doggie

Carl carlson

ummm sir that is from snatch, not lock stock. : )

Me: Oh nothing, just my childhood going down the drain

DiaMond Rider's

Voilet rocket, I am from """Tamil Nadu--India

Shubham Asari


No one is perfect be yourself ❤️❤️


Samek V

I once moved in to a house that was built in 1918, and i had 5 REBUILDS

Comrade Кirby

Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world


Ty is hockey and Jarrett is soccer

Madison Mahan

This women has the same birthday I do

GunnerHandsomesuper1 ROBLOX

2:33 Not cooling your thing! That was GARBAGE!

UniSky GG

2019 bois?

Edna San Buenaventura


How they took her children from her

Hieu Brooks

Do nerf golf edition

Me: 5:15