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Karolyna Corona

My panic attaks start with my thoguht. I start thinking i am going to have a stroke or a heart attack and then i start crying and get scared that my life will be going away. Please comment if you feel the same way so i feel better or comment helpful things to helo me

Isana Yashiro

When I saw the drawing's eyes , I knew it was Kim Jong-un

Caiden Mitchell

Me and my parents


When she said “he look down” I was there like I already know is was going to happen 😂❤️

Ashlyn LPS TV

1. Mr. Excuses2. The Noob3. The Rage Monster4. The Replay Guy5. The Phone Guy6. The Cheater7. The One More Guy8. Mr. Goin’ for it9. The Trash Talker10. The Human Controller11. The Power Button Pusher12. Mr. Create a Player13. The One Play Guy14. Sir Bets-a-lot

Jian Swanson


Max Meidl

3:24 They did not go all the way this year.

Josh Saitta

Hot wheels trick shot video


Tony "sucker punch after the bell" Ferguson

Me: Aliens!!!

Lydia Belem Alegria

Aki tienes ido ir ir ir tmb que y xd he ido gdhizzhixcxbo jlocjoxocblhocjojojcohccocojxjphoxhocjocjo jo. jojvj jovjo jcjpcojxohxfojcjp

Stupid Kinnie

That last one doe °•°

Alex Diaz

Nets and Talkies ice cream

Arpitha Mohan

How to find meaning in life:


There are easter eggs about rats all over the game :) (with faith sister)

Cold Pepe

Copyright? Cuz the song

Conner Mcdavid

Garret and Tyler

jake yale

ummm ok? i feel sorry for your dad though

Anurag Pandey

where are the other videos following this

/ /

Mimi Ruth

“It was a one minute quiz and I sneezed during it”


Malik Pesnani

I can trick youRead more


I watch this show before I go to the gym because I get hella mad at skip hahaha that’s my preworkout

Flash Caden

I'm gonna post my first video on trick shots

Lps Fun strawberry


Thikc 501

I dont want this in my recomended

Hunter Solwold

That was when KD was on the Thunder...

Andrew Brosius

I love at 5:23 how Garrett has round 3/2!!!😂

Legendaries and dynomax are kinda lame tho.

Katie Williamson

I thought Marbles was like 20. Bless his heart ❤️

Seriously, its awesome how much secrets are hidden in it :D

marian el

There will still be a loading time with a picture of that guy with the beard on it \m/ lol

Me: 13 years old hides iPhone 7

Emiko E

So is Elsa gay it what? That's literally all I will watch it for 😂

Pneuma Official

They get waaaay top hyped when they make it... like they are shocked they did it. Even tho they try alot

Chai Thao

I’m Cory

rainbow fox mat 1809

Venom appears venom:DIE BULLIES!!!!!!! venom eats the bullies

Jérémy Nexon

just fire


@crazynjman111 it took 70 tries


When the zombies puke aint dat the same noise as the boome



do you find all of these yourself?

Harshal Kabrawala

say hi i just want your t shirt

Christian Campbell

This trailer really butters my croissant

Salty Lemonade

I thought it was amino when they said "check in, post photos and earn points to hang out with friends" i thought that was very similar to it

Marcus Savina

Wendy, by a mile

Brenden Warrick Cajudo

Wow you look different


Did you ever see MLK


Nice job there

Marissa Salas