This video is relatd to state legislature

Alex MotoVlog

Eles ficam fazendo isso 4786268 vezes até acertar

gay gay

planes should have parachutes under the seats for any emergencies

Tricia Thomas

The phrase you’ll shoot your eye out is from the Christmas story movie 🤦‍♂️

《 O W L 》

you are best one in Eastereggs 😃❤

Tyler: hold my ping pong paddle

its cardi_m

Did this boi say "laters"

10 minutes creativuty

U guys are reallt amazing and awesome

Me:perfect for me

Vince Za prince

Only 58 more years guys

Hunter Kowald

Sooo you actually can’t smell chlorine unless it’s mixed i.e. reacting with urine.

JoJo MeMe

I love all the content you put up, even for games that I don't like. Though I wish you upload more frequently, but I do understand a lot of work goes into making these videos. Keep up the good work!

Tayler Luv

Please do a birthday video for all of them 😍

Lily Love


Brayden Hepford

That is me almost every single day (anxiety)

Whips Flips

Damn 6 million views

Don’t tell someone: The problem persists and serious problems happen

Limitless Trading

Quality - reviewed by many and ranked in the top 5 Global.. Value for money - you heard the prices... No Brainer! I dont think i know anyone who works as hard as JS to produce such high quality products at such a fair price! My wife Loves his stuff and swears by it! 😍👌🎩

Veronica Parkan

I got depression disorder😔

Alex Peart

lol, someone did it on s&d when three people were camping there and there reactions were 'hacker, hackers!'

flash 8w9

Toronto blue jays

I am 11 years old. My mother drinks a full bottle every night and drives. When she doesn't stop, everything slurs. My brother screams I scream, and she doesn't stop. And my dad is gone. She's divorced. But I don't want to live like this.

Aidan Luzier

60 yards

Nono Boii

LOL that ending

danny fahs

Merch link??

Shadow X

rip tree (random year-2016)

quaran reading

Fuck you people

Garvey09 Garvey123

the flip


First easter egg was a nice and cool refference to the Balance 3D. :P 

Colleen Goff

.What ever happened to the man

Nexo Flame


Debbie Lockwood

tower shot


Great video as always love you

Pxrty Ps4

Guru, you should do a destiny Easter egg video. There's tons that I think you'll enjoy knowing yourself.

Sean PayneVlogs

Fortnite season 6 anyone?

The One

Great video as always guru.


Happy New Year!!!

Si hay alcohol, hay sexo

B Stroh

What about mentally?


Fortnite is gonna win

Big Mike

Lil tjay

Leela Doggo

I didn't have anorexia

indigokid jjj2

What's the music it's bouncing

Briely Jane

they're twins but grayson actually acts like the older sibling

machmachi akram

Did he really just played a Mario theme song???

me: awwwww sniffle

Ben Cart Wright

I came strictly for the easter eggs but damn Disney looking good this year


What about nacht der untoten

No assassins creed updates or a new ac game

Mrs. Maja xD

Cool waterboteflip😂

cry baby

so i am confusion

Kimora1 Simmons2

There is one other way to have a baby besides adoption

joe bezza

Must Watch HNJ95


Time for Frozen 2 part 2

Xavier Deane

I'm MR.autopick.

Daniel Ferraiuolo

on zipline he looked like he got stabbed and threw down a zipline

Leonardo Cardona

Coby u can win. I believe in u

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