Suki Sivam - Mahabaratham - Part 1/20

Kalaimamani Suki Sivam's Mahabaratham. All rights reserved to him. Please purchase his audio Cd's at and support the author. I am uploading this track so that everybody benefits from the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from these amazing lectures.

just straight to the point, where to find the easter eggs and what they are referencing

Andrew Kahler

Panda is the best out of all three of them

Miracle Steele

is it me or does anyone else have this feeling that Catherine and Austin weren't excited or didn't give a good reaction so that's why they didn't post the video. maybe maybe not

W⃣o⃣l⃣f⃣y⃣ C⃣e⃣l⃣i⃣n⃣a⃣ L⃣o⃣l⃣

Ann should overcome anxiety by meeting with a therapist

Helix Vfx

The editing is the best on YouTube, I especially love how when you transition to a new Easter egg the music from the last one sort of carries over for a second, I love that!!!

Cal Tsuneyoshi

Do a video that coby can win

Philipp Kruse

do you love girls???

Ervy M

As if that will help will the climate change.....

(when i mean nature i mean natural selection)

Tammy Lippard



That just made me feel so happy u go and make them proud no one can stop u

Jenna Smith



sum t fake

Levi Hillukka

is it just me or is the gong? (im not color blind)



sky wong

This story helped me so much. Today I was body shamed by my best friend and she told me not to be so sensitive, I already felt self-conscious about my weight and that my friend, my best friend she told the whole class. I was the same weight as soon for inches taller than me, I really knew I was happy and I already felt really self-conscious but my best friendTelling me how heavy I was. She literally came up to me and she said oh my gosh damn you so heavy.

Me: opens


It’s Crazy How Polo G Made It Out The trenches i guess he can finally say he made it🤝

:Feral "Smirks" HUH?!


She wants to be taken up the north mountain again !



You need to be more confident and your vids will be alot better

Maisha BLINK_jenlisa


Gavin Rouse

I'm sorry that I think this but I think that it was mods unless you have proof to show me that it isn't mods and that's real gameplay


Fuck you Guru!!!

Kaden w

Did anyone else see the message at the end ?

Roy Quinones

60-90 mph just take out the zeros...69

Tio Leon

Fortnite for Galaxy J7 prime 2

Lauren Adams

Part 2 plz!


So there’s no jack frost😭😭😴🥄


a shi# here we go again...

Davy Torres

They should also have a laser tag

Episode Girl

It didn’t spring up on her , she probably took a recent vaccine or flu shot.

mj e

Sooooo rude!!!

No puedo detenerte, pero si te vas

Nicholas Ledford


Me!! uhh or what the vid said could be correct too

Blake Savoie

Red sox

Gacha Tale

I think I was dropped on my head as a baby tbh

(Insert laugh Track here)