Swami Paripoornananda fires on Akbharuddin and Mother Teresa | ఒళ్ళు గగుర్పొడిచే ప్రసంగం

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Lightning Flame

Top 10 most powerful anime characters

Kaneki 2

Purple hoser all the way

Yvonne Kahler


When you smile you can breathe

Breyergal Isabel

I think A113 started in the old classic The Brave Little Toaster. It was on Rob's apartment door.

Nathan Workman

The Easter egg in outlast can be found in ghost map fog in the shack there is a shelf with is a chainsaw chalk outline don't believe me look there you'll find trust me.

Richard Gilbert

Check out... 4 year old builds lego porsce 911 rsr and also lego lucas 2019


The old man at 1:08 was making video 😂 😂

Jungkooks bae

Yay im finnaly early!!!😄

Instant Gamer 101

God. I can truly feel your pain. I am so sorry and I love you

German A. Zvonarev


Angie S

very cringe

Nicole Saw Yee Chin

Why did no one called Child Support?(Although my country doesn't have Child Support)


@FunWithGuru That's unfortunate. :( But what if you could do Battlefield 3 glitches and easter eggs from campaign and DLC's? The would be popular. :)


I love a good mindfuck.

Smiledoge20 '

I like how guru used the credits for his outro

Q Turn

Ultimate skills dude


i really hope you pay panda good

Tanvir Hossain

I wish I could join u 😭

DRHAX102'S stuff

The Der Rise easter eggs kinda freaked me out a bit like the little money said ''Want to play a game''.

SAVED? Your Amazing!

Joshua Friday

Also, you covered this link in you "no ditto in Pokemon Go" video...

2:23 Aight, if you can't take a joke, keep scrolling 🙄

So.. I just suggest to Try to forget everything and move on 😞

interesting avocado :3

I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, grass, some detergent/ soap, chilli and glitter so


You can't use mods in the consoles... ._.

NeverKnowsBest Paulius

Not really an easter egg if you get an achievement for it.

SLily E

Okay but how do we find happiness and how do we know if we are happy ?

Ernesto Piodos

we're already know who is the panda

Matheus Zamprogno Barcelos

Quem é brasileiro deixa o like

Polinatro Honegril

I am just saying I only use my phone for texting calling and emails. Everything else I do on my ipad

Artic Fuser

Can I get a RIP in the chat for Coby?

Alexis Katelyn

I hope you get better as soon as possible. May god be with you for eternity. We’re here for you.

Carolina B

I thought he was going to propose.....

Adam Bien

My only question is who founded the Battlefield 4 one? Like, do they have a life?


once i had an earache so bad i wanted to die


i did it over a house