Swami Paripoornananda Saraswathi Exclusive Interview on DesiplazaTV with Madhav in Dallas,USA | DPTV

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) with savetemples.org conducted a speech on the topic In danger of losing Hinduism in India/Khadreme Hindu Samaj by Swami Paripoornananda Saraswathi on May 12th, 2018 at Billy Thompson Vandeventer Middle School, Frisco, TX. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

My dad cheated so many times. I would watch my mom crying so much, but she stayed because she didn’t want to separate us from our dad. That is so wrong, you should never stay with somebody that lies, screams or abuses you. He even cheated with a B my age. I am so disappointed of him. Now that I am older and in a relationship, it is hard to trust somebody. I love my mom so much. :(

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