Swami Paripoornananda Speech @ Kalwakurthy (Talakondapally) BJP Public Meeting | BJP T Acharya

Swami Paripoornananda is a noted religious guru, Swami is striving for the BJP party's victory in Telangana assembly polls. Swami Paripoornananda likely to campaign for BJP assembly candidate Sri T Acharya at Kalwakurthy (Talakondapally) Mandala Kendram, Kalwakurthy assembly constituency."Bharat Today" Channel Owned by Sahasra Television Private Limited. Bharat Today a Unique Television Channel Aimed At Portraying and Inculcating the True Spirit of Vibrant culture AmongPeople and Enabling Every Person to be Moulded as an Indian Force to Reckon with Through Various Creative Programs. Channel Dedicated to Breaking News, Hinduism News, General News, Live Reports, Sports News, Weather News, Entertainments, Business Updates, Big Debates,Exclusive Interviews etc.,For More Latest News, Hindu Dharma Based News Updates :† Subscribe To Bharat Today Official YouTube Channel : Visit Our Website: Like Us on SwamiParipoornananda Team Page : Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: You- Bharat Today Team

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